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This collection consists of a slide presentation and an accompanying sound recording produced by the Association of American Railroads titled: "Railroad Regulation: An Absurd Game." This collection consists of an audio cassette and eighty 35mm color slides. They are designed to be presented together, with the audio from the cassette tape providing explanation and narration for the slides, which the presenter advances at the prompting of the cassette tape. They were produced to support the deregulation of the railroad industry with the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976, often called the "4R Act," and the Staggers Rail Act of 1980, during the tenure of the Association of American Railroads' president William H. Dempsey (1977-1991) . The slides depict a hypothetical board game, somewhat reminiscent of Monopoly, in which a locomotive, a semi-truck, and a container ship travel around the board. However, the three forms of shipping and transport are subject to ... Read More
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Documents the railroad industry through photographs, published railroad histories, magazines, timetables, guides, promotional brochures, and maps and blueprints
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United States Military Railroads receipt, issued to general freight agent William W. Tuttle at Nashville, Tennessee.
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[1] Speech of Thomas Loring, Esq., of Hingham, in the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, March 20, 1839, upon the bill, granting farther aid in the construction of the Western Rail-road -- [2] Act of incorporation and by-laws of the Sullivan Railroad Company ... 1846 -- [3] Report of the Board of Directors of the Boston and Providence Railroad Corporation, for the year ending September 30, 1878 -- [4] Report on transcontinental railways / by O.M. Poe. 1883 -- [5] Kansas and the country beyond, on the line of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division, from the Missouri to the Pacific Ocean / by Josiah Copley -- [6] Argument on the two-cent passenger bill / by H.C. Townsend. 1897 -- [7] The Colorado Rolling Stock Trust / Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co. -- [8] Protest against the proposed grant to the city of Chicago for the benefit of the Illinois Central Railway Co. of lands in said city known as the Lake Front. 1881 -- [9] The subscribers respectfully request the [Rhode ... Read More
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This collection comprises the Board Minutes of the Southern Pacific Railroad and its subsidiaries, Mechanical Department plans and specifications of the rolling stock of the Southern Pacific and its subsidiaries, the Valuation Department records documenting financial transactions and value of the rolling stock of the company.
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Subjects include crewmen, locomotives, other rolling stock, freight yards, a wreck, right-of-way, and other views, chiefly of the New York, Ontario, and Western Railway. Also, two clippings pertaining to Marblehead, Massachusetts railroads
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Subjects include crewmen, locomotives, other rolling stock, freight yards, a wreck, right-of-way, and other views, chiefly of the New York, Ontario, and Western Railway. Also, two clippings pertaining to Marblehead, Massachusetts railroads.
University of South Carolina
Photographs, chiefly of lumber railroads and mill sites, including Rockton & Rion steam engines 19, 712 in Fairfield County, S.C.; Southern Railroad engine 630, 2116; Hampton-Branchville engines 44, 32 and rolling stock at Lightsey Brothers Lumber Co., Miley, S.C.; Argent Lumber Co. engines 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, hand car, and bunk car, Hardeeville, S.C.; abandoned rail stock at Holly Hill Lumber Co., Four Hole Swamp, Providence, S.C.; steam engines 5, 31, 34, 1031; gandy dancer in museum; abandoned engine at Jerico, S.C.; steam powered fire engine from Greenwood Fire Dept.; horse-drawn fire engine, Aiken, S.C.; trolley converted into hot dog stand, Rowesville, S.C.
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The Bruce Cheever railroad photographs depict railway systems in Washington state, Oregon, other states of the region, and also British Columbia from the late 19th century to the late 20th Century. The photographs depict railway cars, engines, and other rolling stock of railroads and railways throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as railway conductors, passengers, train stations, wharves and city scenes.
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Collection Description A preliminary finding aid has been prepared. The finding aid will be expanded to include unprocessed material. This material has been arranged in the following series: 1. AUTHORITIES FOR EXPENDITURES (AFE) 2. CAR SERVICE ACCOUNTS 3. SPECIFICATIONS, BILLS OF MATERIALS AND DRAWING INDEXES 4. SCHEDULES 5. SPECIFICATIONS 6. INDEXES TO SPECIFICATIONS 7. DEPARTMENTAL FILES: CAR DEPARTMENTMECHANICAL ENGINEERING 8. SUBJECT FILES 9. BY CORPORATE NAME 10. PHOTOGRAPHS