University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Typed letter signed. Signed by Theodore Roosevelt when he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Letter of recommendation for Henry E. Armstsrong
University of Iowa
1) Thanking Wallace in advance for allowing him to read certain letters. 1917 Sept. 19. 2) Accepting a dinner invitation; hoping to visit the camp. 1918 Jan. 24. 3) Thanking Wallace for the letter. 1918 July 23. 4) Concerning his continued interest in Wallace's letters and editorials. 1918 Sept. 4. 5) Expressing his thanks. 1918 Oct. 15. 6) Congratulating Wallace on an editorial. 1918 Oct. 21
American Museum of Natural History
The bulk of the inventoried material is correspondence, predominantly typewritten -- The two correspondents with separate series are Frank M. Chapman, AMNH ornithologist and curator; and Henry Fairfield Osborn, president of the AMNH for twenty-five years beginning in 1908. Besides members of Roosevelt's family, other correspondents include: Albert Bickmore, the founder of the AMNH; Edward Curtis, photographer and cinematographer (The North American Indian); Waldron DeWitt Miller, an AMNH ornithologist; and Abbott H. Thayer, painter of animals. Material on the memorial consists of correspondence, pamphlets, brochures and invitations, articles from magazines and newspapers, other printed material, and transcripts of committee meetings. There is some biographical material and Roosevelt quotations chosen for display. The correspondence in this section contains only copies of Roosevelt's letters, and consists mainly of requests to borrow or offers to lend material
Massachusetts Historical Society
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Correspondence with James Brander Matthews
Wagner College - Horrmann Library
Recieved copy of his book on California. He will look it over and send it to The Outlook
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Correspondence with Charles Scribner's Sons
New York State Historical Documents
Primarily letters to Roosevelt from African-Americans around the country offering their services in a proposed colored volunteer regiment, with some copies of replies by Roosevelt or W.E. Dame, and correspondence concerning the regiment among Roosevelt, Dame, William Jay Schiefflen and others, including Hamilton Fish Jr
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Handwritten and typewritten correspondence. Three of the items were signed by Roosevelt. One is addressed to John Walker of Cosmopolitan magazine relating to an article on "the great problem of our generation" which Roosevelt submitted for publication. Another is to Maggie Bryant and dated March 20, 1899. At the bottom Roosevelt has written by hand, "Your brother was a most gallant soldier; he was killed beside me." A mimeographed letter is addressed to Roosevelt dated Sept. 16, 1907. It is unsigned and refers to government aid to higher education
Buffalo History Museum
Letter, Oyster Bay, Long Island, 5 Mar. 1917, to Edward D. Emerson, University Club of Buffalo, thanking him for the invitation to a dinner for Buffalo members of the National Guard just returned from service on the border. Roosevelt expresses his dissaproval of the unpatriotic and inefficient military service system. The other letter, written from his Kansas City Star office in New York, 4 Nov. 1918, thanks Mrs. Lamy for her letter and invites her to "run out to Oyster Bay and let us see you.".