Morehead State University - Camden-Carroll Library
Western Illinois University
Lifelong resident of Nauvoo; local historian and newspaper correspondent
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Herbert Harley scrapbooks were compiled on topics of Philadelphia or personal interests -- churches, streets, people. Examples of his subjects are: Chalkley House, Lubin Film Studios, Peter Becker and the Church of the Brethern, and General Herbert Harley ("Hap") Arnold, World War II Chief of Army Air Force. The scrapbooks contain clippings and extracts from primary and secondary sources, and Harley's own compositions
State Library of Victoria
Scrapbook of material relating to Mary E. Fullerton and the Fullerton family, containing poetry by Mary E. Fullerton and others, newspaper cuttings on various topics, and other miscellaneous material. Also album of newscuttings
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Newspaper clippings regarding the life and times of General Elon Farnsworth
State Library of Victoria
Chiefly contains press cuttings of social events in Melbourne, 1928-1965
McNeese State University - Frazar Memorial Library
The Collection consists of two scrapbooks and loose photographs and documents. One scrapbook consists mostly of photographs and newspaper clippings about Ward's professional life, shooting competitions, and hunting and fishing expeditions, but also some family documents, 1863 and 1900-1962. Another scrapbook consists mostly of unidentified family snapshots, ca. 1890-1950
State Library of Western Australia
Photographs and newspaper cuttings on Canned Fruits Board (1964-1967); on packaging, mostly tinplate and steel tins (1957-1960)
State Library of Western Australia
Contains programmes and other ephemera relating to the society
University of Auckland Library