Oregon State Archives
Series documents an inmate's stay in segregation
Arkansas History Commission
Segregation legislation considered by the Arkansas General Assembly in 1957
Oregon State Archives
Series documents inmate population whose status is either close supervision or segregation from the general institution population
New York State Archives
Institution copy of reports of inmates in segregation (I-9)
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville - David W. Mullins Library
1. The American fund for public service -- 2. Who started segregated schools in Georgia? / by Wm. T. Bodenhamer -- 3. Andrew Johnson : the Fourteenth Amendment then and now / by J.W. Canada -- 4. A Christian's handbook on communism -- 5. Civil Rights Acts of 1963 -- 6. Civil Rights and federal powers -- 7. Civil rights and legal wrongs -- 8. The Civil rights cases -- 9. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 : civil rights under federal programs -- 10. America's betrayal / by Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer -- 11. Coexistence communist style -- 12. The Communist Party of the United States of America : what it is, how it works -- 13. "Let's restore to Africa her stolen children" : "immigration not integration is the answer" / by Rev. Carey Daniel -- 14. The profound revolution / by Mary M. Davison -- 15. The Bible and segregation / by C.R. Dickey -- 16. Emotional aspects of school desegration : a report by psychiatrists -- 17. Are all white men Israelites? / Theodore Fitch -- 18. Hell fire and ... Read More
Oregon State Archives
Series documents inmate care and activities while in the segregation unit
Oregon State Archives
Series documents the involuntary placement of inmates into the Administrative Segregation Unit
Oregon State Archives
Series documents the selection of desert lands to be settled under the Carey Act
Cornell University Libraries
Also, a 2004 Ithaca Journal and Cornell Chronicle containing articles about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s visit to Ithaca/Cornell and a photo reproduction of MLK outside Willard Straight Hall with Ed Hart, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Kenneth Hagood