Southern Methodist University - DeGolyer Library
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Portraits of Seminole women, children, and men in native ribbon and patchwork clothing, posed gathered around open cooking fire or seated in thatched structure. Appears to be a display village, possibly Musa Isle Indian Village near Miami, Fla. (Photos were probably used for postcard views.).
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
This collection consists of materials such as letters and briefs regarding the Seminole Indians in Florida and specifically the Everglades Miccosukee Tribe. Also included is a "Proposed Charter of the Seminole Indians of Florida", and a brief entitled "The Miccosukee Nation Identity and Rights"
Smithsonian - National Anthropological Archives
Scope and Contents note Image of Seminole women and girl with a visiting woman, probably made in or near Silver Springs, Florida.
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
Photocopies of federal records pertaining to claims by the Seminole and Miccosukee Indians of Florida
Smithsonian - National Anthropological Archives
Scope and Contents note Photographs made during William Boehmer's time teaching on the Brighton and Big Cypress Reservations. They depict day schools, classes, students and other Seminole Indians (including the Osceola family), celebrations (including Field Days, a pow wow, and Civilian Conservation Corps Achievement Day), handicrafts, agriculture, meetings, and Seminole dances.
Smithsonian - National Anthropological Archives
Scope and Contents note Front and profile images of Seminole Indians, mostly children. The photographs are mounted and annotated for publicaiton in "Seminole Physiognomy and Beady Cerumen."
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Mourning chant for curing crying sickness -- Medicine songs sung while making medicine for relatives after a death -- Song for curing deer-caused sickness -- Song for curing fire sickness -- Medicine chant for giant sickness -- Song for curing little water people-caused sickness -- Chant for curing sun sickness -- Parts of body song from green corn dance -- Snake dance from annual snake or hunting dance ceremony -- Feather dance -- Magic song to make warriors fearless -- Magic song to allow escape when imprisoned -- Magic song to assuage anger of an opponent -- Ball game dance song
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
Notes and reproductions of documents related to the Seminole Indians of Florida and the Seminole Indian Wars -- These materials were gathered from the National Archives and other repositories by Edward T. Keenan and Thomas Owen Brown
Yale University
Four autograph manuscript documents, signed, relating to an 1857 theft of horses from Seminole Indians. All documents are written by Samuel B. Rutherford in 1860 as a representative of the New Seminole Agency of the Indian Territory and concern the theft of Seminole horses by Osage Indians. The documents include a letter attesting to the theft from Rutherford to Major Elias C. Rector, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Fort Smith, Arkansas; an affidavit signed with the mark of an unidentified chief of a Seminole band, possibly "Fooshatcheecochonee," affirming the theft of twenty horses; an affidavit signed with the mark of an unidentified Seminole, possibly "Hotchlehoye," affirming the theft of one horse; and a list of claims documenting the theft, including the names of eight Seminole people, the number of horses stolen from each, and the valuation of each horse