New York Public Library
Informal sketches or doodles made on scrap paper by choreographer George Balanchine. The largest is a note reading "I went home to eat borshch [sic] with Mel," signed G. Balanchine and followed by a self-portrait in profile. Curving, web-like abstract forms decorate a note signed "To B. [Barbara Horgan] from B." The set for his ballet Liebeslieder walzer is lightly sketched in another drawing, while two smaller sketches respectively depict a female face with vine-like tendrils of hair, and curvilinear abstract forms
New York Public Library
Eight sketches, including six cartoonlike drawings of men's heads, four of them full-face depictions of a bald bearded man who is grinning in one sketch and winking in another. These four, along with a sketch of two grinning clowns' heads, suggest but cannot be firmly linked to characters in Michel Fokine's ballet Petrouchka. A different bearded man is shown in profile. The remaining two sketches represent a centaur (seen from the chin down) and a woman in period costume with an elaborate headdress or wig, ruff, and skirt with a train
Yale University
Pen and ink sketches lampooning characters and incidents of San Francisco life in the 1850s
Natural History Museum Foundation, Los Angeles County
These sketches (some manuscript, others printed) are primarily of California scenes, including Boulder Dam, Yosemite, the Ventura Mission, Los Angeles High School on Ft. Moore Hill, Giant Redwoods, and Exposition Park
Utah State Historical Society
Short biographies generated by the WPA from and about Utah's remaining pioneers and historical figures -- The collection consists of Personal Pioneer History questionares, autobiographical and biographical sketches, autobiography and diary transcriptions
Utah State Historical Society
Includes sketches of the family of William N. Williams, by Eva Williams Darger and Sarah Williams Wilson
Getty Research Institute
Landscape studies for paintings with notations regarding color and execution
Utah State Historical Society
Two five page biographical sketches, one of Sadie Rogers, one of Henrietta Powell
University of Virginia
Three original Chappell sketches and four reproductions used by the Doubleday Book and Music Club to illustrate their American Masterpiece Library series. The subjects of the sketches are Walt Whitman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Edith Wharton, and Theodore Dreiser
New York State Historical Documents
Sketches by James Alexander of a yachting party on the schooner Sea Drift, owned by Thomas Underhill Smith of Oyster Bay