Center for Jewish History
The collection consists of recordings of Jewish music and the spoken word. Included are folk, cantorial, theater, music. It contains some 15,000 *78*, *45*, and *33* rpm discs and cylinder recordings; over 1,000 open reel and cassette tapes; piano rolls, record catalogs and other related ephemera. The earliest item in the collection is a wax cylinder, dating from 1900. The most recent is a 1987 compact disc of klezmer music. There are over 1,000 78 rpm discs including literary readings and theater performances by Aaron Lebedeff, Molly Picon, Boris and Bessie Thomashefsky, Maurice Schwartz, Sholem Aleichem, Yosele Rosenblatt. The series of analog LP records covers both new recordings as well as reissues of classic 78 rpm records
Yale University
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Library
Reel-to-reel sound tapes and sound cassettes of verbatim recordings of American Lutheran Church General Conventions
New York Public Library
Edward Kleban, lyricist for the musical A CHORUS LINE, was born in New York City. He studied at the High Schoool of Music and Art and Columbia University, and worked as a record producer at Columbia Records before turning to writing lyrics full time. Kleban, who is best known as the lyricist for A CHORUS LINE, also wrote for television and films. He died in 1987. The Edward Kleban sound recording collection mainly consists of recordings of songs written for A CHORUS LINE performed either by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban or by cast members. Many of the songs are early versions, or were not included in the final production. Also included are interviews with Marvin Hamlisch, Kleban and Priscilla Lopez, and recollections of selected cast members' lives.
University of California, Berkeley
Addresses by Segrè on Enrico Fermi and antiprotons; commercial recording on the 25th anniversary of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction; Italian recording of Nobel prize winners featuring Segrè
Utah State Archives and Records Service
This series contains sound and motion picture recordings preserved by the Governor and his staff for publicity and/or historical purposes. This series includes recordings of the Great Salt Lake Development Hearings, public service messages given by Rampton, as well as a 1967 speech given by Rampton at the Patriot's Day Celebration in Salt Lake City. As far as can be ascertained, records in this series date from 1964 to 1968
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Recordings with individuals who had recollections of Fred Newton Scott, professor of rhetoric at the University of Michigan; contain interview with Arno Bader, Carlton Wells, Jean Paul Slusser, A.K. Stevens, Mrs. Charles Fries, and Marion (Scott) Goodrich
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Audiocassette of Birkerts speeches, lectures and seminars
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Sound Recordings, including disks and magnetic tapes of lectures, convocations, symposia, sports and musical events and public ceremonies, recorded by radio station WILL and news and feature programs rebroadcast by the station concerning the University, higher education, international relations, politics, fine arts, humanities, literature and science.
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Collection consists of three spools of recording wire. Contained upon these spools are Elder Matthew Cowley, Stake Conference Address, February 10, 1952 afternoon session, Robert O. Royall, Jr. family Christmas morning 1954, and Robert O. Royall, Jr. family New Years Eve, 1957