Brooks Memorial Library
Newspaper clippings; together with text of a slide show presented by Jeff Barry and Dick Mitchell
State Library of Victoria
Shows Big Lizzie, man standing in front with his bicycle propped up against a wheel, illustrates how large it really is; Big Lizzie was built by Frank Bottrill, in Richmond, in 1915, with a 60hp Blackstone water-cooled crude oil engine and fitted with Bottrill's Dreadnought wheel, patented in 1906
Smithsonian Libraries
Notebook with 17 sections separated by tab dividers, arranged according to the various types of engines featured (e.g. fly wheel, gas, simple belted, simple dir. conn. "AC" 120 r.p.m., etc.). Contains information about engines and their specifications, compiled by an unnamed employee of the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company. Includes printed and mechanically reproduced information sheets, tables with statistics, graphs, and diagrams, and notes written in pencil and ink on blank sheets of paper. Engines sold by Allis-Chalmers, including Corliss engines, are covered in detail. Also features data on engines used by particular electric companies and manufacturers throughout the United States, with information on engine prices, costs to run, efficiency, power range, dimensions, etc
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Articles about steam engines, tractors, and threshers
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History
Scope and Contents note Records of the Borsig Steam Engines installed at the Philip Carey Manufacturing Company, Lockland, Ohio. The papers include engine logs (which include drawings), articles, and black-and-white photographs.