University of Guelph
Columbia University
This set consists of 13 drawings, ink on linen; 7 drawings, blueprints on paper; 1 drawing, photostat; 8 drawings, graphite on tracing paper; 3 drawings, brownline prints on paper; and 3 drawings, greenline prints on paper
Cleveland Public Library
Plan of new West Side Market grounds [ink on linen,1906] / Park Dept. -- The West Side market House details of enamel brick & joining [blueprint 1909] ; First floor plan [blueprint 1911] ; Basement plan [blueprint 1911] / [Hubbell and Benes Architects]
New York State Historical Documents
Blueprints and technical drawings of the P-47, P-72, P-35, F-84, and other aircraft
History San Jose
Schematic drawings of the Apple Lisa, Macintosh, Macintosh II, Mac SE computers, "Twiggy" floppy disk drive, and LaserWriter II NT.
University of Guelph
Founded in Toronto in 1978 by Richard Rose, Necessary Angel's mandate is to create "passionate theatre, reflecting the concerns and imaginations of [Canadian] artists, which affirms the beauty of passion and the truth of paradox in the contemporary human experience.".
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Original construction and floor plans for the barracks constructed at Camp Randall during the Civil War. The drawing shows the dimensions of the barracks and layout of bunks, gun racks, stoves, and tables within. Also included is information about the construction of the barracks and materials used. A note written on the plans indicates that the design was used in barracks in other Wisconsin camps. The plan was drawn by Napoleon Bonaparte Van Slyke, who served as assistant quartermaster for Wisconsin during the Civil War
University of California, Berkeley
New York Public Library
Jo Mielziner, set and lighting designer, theater architect and consultant. The collection consists of set and costume designs, technical drawings, elevations and whiteprints documenting the work of Jo Mielziner.