State Library of Victoria
A collection of Beaumaris Tramway Company memorabilia including a time table for 1889, 10 tram tickets, 2 season tickets, 12 complimentary tickets, a conductor's record card, and a conductor's cash envelope
University of Nevada, Reno - Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center
Political party election tickets listing candidates for national and Nevada offices. Included are the Union ticket, 1864; National Union Democratic State and Union State tickets, 1866; Union Republican ticket, 1872; county convention in Virginia City, 1878; Silver Party convention, 1898; and Reno precinct list, undated
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Tickets listing names of person arrested for violation of the Revenue laws of the State of Alabama
State Library of Victoria
Comprises seven daily membership tickets of the Australian Railways Union (Victorian Branch) issued to C. O'Neill, 1919-1922
Connecticut Historical Society
Includes tickets for the Hartford Woollen Manufactory Lottery, the Eastern Stage Road Lottery, the Windsor Causey Lottery, the New York Consolidated Lottery, and the Providence & Worcester Road Lottery. Also includes tickets for distriution of prizes by several 19th-century Connecticut merchants
Filson Historical Society
Kemp 1996 election paraphernalia includes two tickets to "meet and greet" the Republican vice presidential candidate on October 11, 1996, at James Marine Inc. in Paducah, Kentucky. The backs of the tickets show a map of Paducah and give directions on how to reach James Marine Inc. Kemp is a famed American football player and politician, and was the 1996 vice presidential candidate for Bob Dole
Atlanta History Center
This collection contains two Fort Gaines Academy Lottery tickets. This lottery was authorized by the State of Georgia, and each ticket cost $1.25. The ticket entitled the holder to one-eighth of the prize drawn to its number
Connecticut Historical Society
Five printed lottery tickets, signed by Dudley Pettibone, sold in order to raise money to build a bridge across the Farmington River at a location called Suffrage, now in the town of Canton. The tickets are numbered by hand and two of the tickets are uncut
Harvard University Law School - Historical and Special Collections
Invitation to memorial service for Simon Greenleaf, October, 17, 1853; --Invitation to Theophilus Parsons's address commemorating Rufus Choate, [1853]; --Entrance ticket to Emory Washburn's Lowell Institute lectures on comparative Jurisprudence, 1867