Library of Virginia
Scope and Content Information Contract book, 1921-1924, of the local Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association in Nelson County. It records the marketing agreement made between the cooperative and its members in Nelson County and contracts signed by the individual members acknowledging this agreement. Information contained in the contracts include the name and address of the member; date contract was signed; amount of tobacco produced in a given year; number of acres planted; and the type of tobacco grown (dark or bright).
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
A collection of different examples of Philadelphia business records from the early 19th century to the early 20th century. There are ledgers, account books, indexes, receipt books, letter books, and press books. The professions, industries, companies, and persons represented vary widely including railroads, mining and logging companies, banking and real estate firms, import/export firms, fuel and manufacturing companies
National Air and Space Museum Archives
This 19th and 20th century ballooning memorabilia collection contains the following items, which have been meticulously inventoried: 112 stereoscopic photographs; 107 photographs; 84 postcards, trade cards, valentines, and similar items; 80 prints; and 23 miscellaneous items.
Kentucky Historical Society
Images of Kentucky's tobacco industry across the state showing planting, tobacco fields, workers harvesting it, storage warehouses, delivering and selling it, and market reports from several Kentucky cities
University of Louisville - Ekstrom Library
The Leonard Brecher Tobacco and Chewing Gum Card Collection contains 154 digital images of baseball cards from the early 20th century. Tobacco, candy, and chewing gum companies printed trade cards or advertising cards to include with their products. Cards in this digital collection come from the American Tobacco Company, American Caramel Company, Colgan Gum Company (of Louisville, Kentucky), John H. Dockman & Sons, and the Standard Caramel Company, and primarily date between 1909 and 1911