Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Color transparencies from the department's "duplicate and dormant" photograph file, primarily documenting Wisconsin tourist attractions and scenery during the late 1960s and early 1970s. A few images relate to the department's general responsibilities for natural resource management -- Among the most documented categories are scenery, especially in Door County; tourist attractions and events such as Aqualand, Circus World Museum, the Milwaukee Folk Fair, the "Song of Norway" festival, Villa Louis, and the Wisconsin Dells; state parks; waterways; and outdoor recreation such as boating, camping, fishing, deer and duck hunting, skiing, and snowmobiling. The majority of these images were photographed by Dale Tvedt and Stabler W. Reese
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Alaska Transparencies Collection consists of one hundred and thirty-nine color slides of various Alaskan subjects. They include images of fish species and Alaska Native fishing techniques and technology, fish camps, fish processing and preservation. Also included are commercially produced images of Alaska Natives from Kotzebue and the Alaskan Arctic in general
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
Collection of Joly color glass plates of miscellaneous views of Europe and the Middle East. A number of the plates are of Oberammergau, Germany, including views of the town, churches, people and children, and the cast of the passion play. Other plates show Paris during the Centennial Exposition of 1900, including views of the Bois de Boulogne, the Petit Trianon, and Les Invalides. Miscellaneous views include the following: Egypt and the Egyptian Zoological Garden in Cairo; villas, churches, and unidentified city views in Norway; Westminster Abbey in London; "Briarbrae near Moraine"; and scenes in Jerusalem, Switzerland, and other unidentified locations
Minnesota Historical Society
Color transparencies of the illustrations used in the book Minnesota Collects, c1992 by the Minnesota Historical Society
Johns Hopkins University - Milton S. Eisenhower Library
This collection includes at least 430 photographic color transparencies of pages of the Gold Koran. Created from photographing the sides of each page of the partial illuminated manuscript, these transparencies measure 4x5". The portion of the Gold Koran is a vellum bifolio, written in Kufic script in gold leaf, and outlined with black ink. Vocalizations are indicated by red and blue dots. Each folio is framed by decorative border containing intricate interlace patterns, and features a decorative leafy vignette in the outer margin. It was likely bound in the 18th century. The text is as follows and contains 18 suras, or chapters, only approximately half of the completed religious text: Folio 1a LII Sura al-Tur (the Mount), verses 37-49 Folio 1b LIII Sura al-Najm (the Star), verses 1-21 Folio 2a LIV Sura al-Qamar (the Moon), verses 13-27 Folio 2b LIV Sura al-Qamar (the Moon), verses 27-40. The original complete manuscript was written in around 800, while this portion was bound in ... Read More
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Incomplete set of transparencies of copies of black and white photographs and illustrations assembled as a series on "home life," intended for use with synchronized narration in a museum gallery, depicting frontier living, housework, and modern suburban living
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
A slide presentation about the importance of wetlands conservation policies and the role of wetlands in the ecosystem illustrated by images of wetlands and the plants and animals that live in them. This accession also includes the script and audio tape that accompanies the slides
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Transparencies made by Madison, Wis., photographer Jim Hiner primarily documenting historic architecture in Wisconsin and pre-school education. The architecture slides show Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings in Richland Center, Lake Delavan, Jefferson, and Columbus; both residences and commercial buildings in Evansville; and Garver Feed Co. buildings in Madison. The pre-school slides were taken at Play Haven in Madison
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Hand-colored lantern slides, (2 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches) in five pairs, circa 1890, each pair representing a sequence of simple "comic" events, consisting of circular images, the outline stamped, perhaps from a wood block, depicting scenes such as a woman pulling a man's boot and both falling; donkey kicking, man and woman riders falling; and others
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Transparencies created by Louis D. Sumner depicting his family life, the University of Wisconsin, and Madison, Wis., ca. 1897-1907