DePaul University - John T. Richardson Library
This collection contains scripts and other production materials of the Victory Gardens Theater
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Photographs show Washington, D.C. Victory gardens in the Northwest section. Displays of tools in hardware store, purchasing tools and seed. Girls with tools going to work in park plots. Overall views of gardens in parks with groups and families working. Breaking ground with plow and tractor. Seedlings started at home in paper cups. Planting, setting out seedlings, cultivating in early stages. Garden bulletin board
Chicago History Museum
Interview of Claudia Allen, playwright associated with Victory Gardens Theatre
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Mary Frazer begins her letter describing the evidence of Spring's arrival and commenting on the weather her brother, Preston, might be having in Africa. She talks about people planting victory gardens, lamenting her lack of ability to plant one, and how difficult it can be to buy food with the coupons. She relays an update on a mutual friend's health through Jean Anderson's latest letter
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Video interview of Margaret Sanders by Susan Gordon of the Tennessee Historical Society. In this clip, Gordon asks Sanders if she knew anyone who planted a victory garden during World War II. Sanders states that she did and that as a member of the board of the Nashville Council of Garden Clubs, she got permission from the Board of Education to use the kitchens in the Nashville public schools to set up classes where local gardeners could come to the public schools and learn how to can and preserve food. Sanders speculates there were about twenty-two million victory gardens across the United States during the war and the techniques were different then for preserving food than they are now
California State Library - California History Room
Pamphlets on victory gardens, war production, and unemployment rights under the GI Bill, plus ration books
New York State Historical Documents
Clippings relating to state and local civilian defense, rationing, price controls, victory gardens, and salvage efforts
New York Public Library
Typescript (photocopy), with cuts and additions to the text and a few notes in ms
DePaul University - John T. Richardson Library
This collection contains drafts of Post's works