McMaster University - Mills Memorial Library
The collection consists of posters issued by the following British organizations : Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London; Parliamentary War Savings Committee; National War Savings Committee; Joint Labour Recruiting Committee; Ministry of National Service; Navy; Imperial Maritime League; City of London; and Blue Cross fund. The collection also contains posters issued by the governments of Canada (includes Canadian Victory Bonds), France, United States and Germany. There are a large number of posters from Louvain, Belgium. There are also several posters issued by German occupying forces in France and Belgium and the British occupying forces in Germany
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Includes information posters; propaganda; appeals for war loans and political commentary. Includes art work by E. Zimmerman, W. Georgi, Anton Hoffman, Franz Stassen, Käthe Wolff, Menna, Th. Heine, Hans Menzel, Paul Neumann, Lenmann and others. Some illustrations from Simplissisimus and Nebelspalten
West Virginia University - West Virginia and Regional History Center
Seven French posters, in cloth, sponsored by banks and 24 American posters promoting war support efforts by such groups as the Salvation Army, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., National Catholic Council, and the United War Work Campaign.
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Scope and Content Information This collection consists of ca. 600 items (2 Hollinger boxes) 1913-1920, and includes printed material, photographs, and memorabilia, chiefly pertaining to the participation of the alumni of the University of Virginia in World War I, but also includes photographs of University of Virginia scenes and events. Several of the memorabilia pertain to the career of one of the more famous of UVA alumni in World War I, James R. McConnell, of the Lafayette Escadrille. These include: a button from his uniform, a piece of shrapnel which wounded him, a strip of cloth from the fuselage of his airplane, a uniform cap worn by McConnell, a memorial plate in honor of McConnell from an American ambulance, and citations. Printed material consists of pamphlets and advertisements concerning the American University Bureaus in Europe and the American University Union; miscellaneous business cards, name cards, postcards, campaign buttons, French advertisements and menus; ... Read More
State Historical Society of Missouri
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE The Stephens Papers consist of correspondence, clippings, and publications covering the areas of her war work. The papers are arranged by type of material or by organization. The Clippings are from miscellaneous newspapers and magazines and cover the work of the Woman’s Committee, Council of National Defense, the Red Cross, food conservation, child welfare, and Liberty Loan Drives. There is an editorial from the Pictorial Review on the worth of the Woman’s Committee du ...
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History
Papers related to Dr. John C. Boyd's career as a U.S. Navy surgeon, including his commission, names recommended for awards, his casebook for 1874-1877, his correspondence, including two letterpress books, 1895-1902; photographs. Also photographs, especially those by his son, Dr. Walter Willard Boyd, of Dr. Harvey Cushing performing neurosurgical and other operations; two films (1931) of an operation; two scrapbooks, including one outlining an accident and eventual amputation of the leg of Walter Jones Willard (includes letters and sympathy cards).
Pritzker Military Library
Card deck has fifty-five (55) playing cards which include poster images, joker cards, and a card listing the artists. Each card has a different poster design from World War I. There is a price sticker on the front which says "Imperial War Museum £5.99.".
State Historical Society of Missouri
SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE The Thomas Swain Barclay Papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, a wartime diary, overseas duty related papers, newsletters and programs, three dimensional items, photographs, oversized visual items, and miscellaneous material collected from his various associations. In addition there is research material consisting of correspondence, C3938 Barclay, Thomas Swain (1892-1993), Papers, 1912, 1915-1925, 1935 page 2 transcriptions of newspapers, newspaper cl ...