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Basket: earthenware basket made by Zuni Indians; souvenir of Gallup, New Mexico; rounded bowl, red floral and berry decoration painted on white ground; double intertwined handle at top; 35 cents written in pencil on bottom.
Dimensions are in inches: width = 0; length = 0; height = 5.500; diameter = 4
Illinois State Library - Gwendolyn Brooks Building
Bowl: small ceramic pot, spherical body with relatively small mouth, flared rim; mica flecks mixed in clay for tempering; marked in white ink; R. A. B., also Zuni, written in white on one side.
Dimensions are in inches: width = 0; length = 0; height = 2.750; diameter = 2.500
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
Subjects: Zuni Indians
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Song of the big fire medicine society -- Laguna chakwena kachinas -- Zuni chakwena kachinas -- Kok'kci kachina -- Wotemta kachina -- Hilili kachinas -- Acoma wotemta kachina -- Upo kayoponana kachina -- Songs of big fire medicine society for Pa'utiua at New Year -- Buffalo dance song --Tsikiliko (small owl) war dance song -- He-mics-kwe kachinas -- Ne-wekwe summer rain dance song -- Koyemci initiation of children into the Kaklo (song and speech) -- Kanaa-kwe song -- Sayataca song after Shalako ceremony -- Corn grinding song -- Sun clan song -- Parrot clan corn grinding song -- Iyank'olowe gambling game song -- Personal song
Autry National Center - Museum of the American West
This is a criminal complaint filed by Daniel Dubois against men of a Zuni tribe in Apache County, Arizona Territory on July 17, 1880
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Katcinas -- He-ve-be morning song -- Corn-grinding song -- Moki love song -- Navajo ertahasun dance -- Navajo songs -- Prayers for rain --Navajo war song -- Basket dance -- Flute songs -- Women's dance -- Lullabies --Rain songs -- Boys' and girls' dance songs -- Welcome to the stranger (yeibechai song) -- Butterfly dance
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Salako song -- Butterfly dance songs -- Deer dance songs -- Winter buffalo song -- Buffalo dance songs -- Corn-grinding songs -- Rainbow dance song -- Harvest dance song -- Harvest song -- Long-haired katchina dance songs -- Clown dance songs -- Kachina dance songs -- Hello my sweetheart -- I don't care if your married sixteen times -- Rabbit hunt call -- Masked hunting song -- Badger kachina song -- Owl dance songs -- Whippoorwill kachina -- Prophesy songs -- Heymis kachina -- Koyemsi kachina -- Coyote song -- Masked kachina songs -- War dance song -- Bean dance songs -- Momeit dance songs -- Gambling game songs -- Lullabies -- Social dance songs -- Children's songs -- Game songs -- Cow kachina -- Nieman dances -- Men's initiation songs for secret society --Basket dance song -- Heyveyveta songs -- Children's fertility dance --Warrior's dance songs -- Belt dance -- Snow kachina -- Rain dance
Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Campus - John Vaughan Library
Contains various articles and documents on the subject of the Zuni Indians
Cornell University - Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Field notes, some loose, some in notebooks, and original manuscript texts regarding Hawikuh portion of the expedition. Three notebooks of Edwin Francis Coffin Notes on the Hawikuh site include lists of the burials and objects from the burial sites, maps and diagrams, language translations, presumably for helping to communicate with Zuni workers, architectural notes, forms of burial, types of bones, plant remains, Manuscripts and notes on pottery, the Plaza Trench, Square Kiva, and the cities of Cibola. Correspondence and photocopies to and from Thea Heye, Harry Shusta, Louis Chavez, and the Indian Temperance Union. Several photographs of the dig site and artifacts with captions and notes for publication. Also included are photocopies and a printed catalog of Cambridge University's Ketchipaun documentation of the expedition, from 1986. Copies of Cambridge holdings include the field notes, burial data, specimen list, diary, and transcripts of the record of excavation. There is one ... Read More
Smithsonian - National Anthropological Archives
Scope and Contents note Photographs depicting pueblos, dances, cliff dwellings, pottery, weaving, rock art, Matilda Coxe Stevenson, and other scenes in and around the pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona. Locations depicted include Moqui Pueblo, Acoma Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, Fort Apache, and the Wood Yard in Arizona's Petrified Forest. The collection also includes one image of inscriptions on Pawnee Rock in Kansas, 1878. Most photographs in the collection were made by George Ben Wittick, with some by G. Steinberg of Juarez, Mexico.