Massachusetts Historical Society
13 cases containing 70 v. and 1 narrow box.
Papers of author, literary hostess, and social welfare worker Annie Fields. Papers include a diary in 61 volumes and European travel journals for 1859 and 1869 containing accounts of her meetings with Charles Dickens, Alfred Tennyson and William M. Thackeray. Boston diaries contain descriptions of New England literary figures--A. Bronson Alcott, Ralph W. Emerson, Oliver W. Holmes, Henry James, Henry W. Longfellow, William H. Prescott and John G. Whittier. Also mentioned are Charlotte Cushman, Sarah Orne Jewett and Lucy Larcom. In addition there are 75 letters, mostly written by Mrs. Fields during her European trips, and an 1847 diary of James T. Fields (1817-1881).
Harvard University - Houghton Library
1 box (.5 linear ft.)
Includes wills, estate inventories, accounts of distributions and other legal papers. Also includes contracts with Houghton Mifflin and other publishers for books by Annie Fields as well as royalty statements from Houghton Mifflin and Small, Maynard & Company. There are also some documents pertaining to Sarah Orne Jewett, including the contract for her books, The Mate of the Daylight and Friends Ashore.
University of Michigan Libraries
[3] p. on 1 l.
Sends information on an Italian family in need of assistance.
University of Virginia
2 items.
Annie Fields sends two affectionate notes describing family and social events. She mentions reading, pleasures of country life, friends, and an anecdote related by Phillips Brooks.
University of Virginia
1 p.
The final page of a signed typescript about Harriet Beecher Stowe is on the verso of a 1893 printed circular letter, Houghton Mifflin and Company, to school teachers promoting the firm's books.
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Archives and Special Collections
1 sheet ;
Refers to Mrs. Belloc's not being able to find a collection of books called "The poems of places" in Boston and offering advice to pass along to her. She mentions reading "The walled garden."
Bryn Mawr College
3 items (together 6 p.) ;
3 ALsS. Thanks him for photographs and a book, and makes several references to John Keats.
Bryn Mawr College
4 items (together 4 p.) ;
4 ALsS. Short letters thank him for books sent (Wordsworth, Keats, Landor), for his "exquisite memorial sheets," and arrange for her portrait to be taken by Day.
Brown University Library
2 items.
[1] 1896, July 20, Manchester, N.H., to Cyrenus Osborne Ward [1 l.].--Thanks him for his kind editorial. "Miss Jewett would send you her kind regards with mine but she is away just now." [2] 1896, November 18, Boston, to F. W. Day [1 l. with envelope].--Thanks him for a gift of alder berries and sends a book.
Brown University Library
1 item.
Passage relating to Thomas Gray from her A Shelf of Old Books (published 1894).