Dartmouth College - Rauner Special Collections Library
National Library of Australia
The collection includes various woodblock prints from 19th century to 20th century. Subjects vary, including women, reading, legends, Kabuki actors, Kabuki plays, Western civilization, etc
Brooklyn Museum
Installation views of an exhibition held from 12/01/1967 to 12/31/1967 at the Brooklyn Museum
Boston College - John J. Burns Library
This collection consists primarily of ukiyo-e woodblock prints. It also includes a few examples of the mingei (folk art) and sosaku hanga ("creative prints") movements of the early 20th century. The bulk of the ukiyo-e prints are by Ando Hiroshige; other notable artists include Katsushika Hokusai, Katsukawa Shunko, Kitagawa Utamaro, and Isoda Koryusai.
Brooklyn Museum
Installation views of an exhibition held from 03/14/2008 to 06/15/2008 at the Brooklyn Museum
Yale University - Visual Resources Collection
Collection of Japanese Art slides consisting of the following sub-collections: (701-1) Art Treasures from Japan (Los Angeles County Museum, 1965-66 Exhibition), (701-2) Arts of Japan Slide Sets, Bijutsu shuppansha, (701-3) Penelope Mason Slide Collection of Japanese Paintings, (701-4) Spirit of Place Slide Set, (701-5) Japanese Paintings from the Seattle Art Museum, Asian Art Photograph Distribution (AAPD), (701-6) Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868 (National Gallery of Art, 1998-99 Exhibition).
Smith College - Neilson Library
Manuscript book about Japanese color prints (ukiyoe) compiled by R.M. Weaver from actual prints and dedicated to his professor at Columbia, Franklin Thomas Baker. Raymond M. Weaver taught English at the Hiroshima Normal School in Japan for a number of years
St. Louis Public Library
Ō-Edo chōkan-zu = Bird's eye view of Great Edo / illus. by Keirin, ca. 1860 -- Shinpan ukie Ryōgoku suzumi no zu = Perspective of Ryōgoku, alive with the people enjoying the evening cool / illus. by Utagawa Kunimitsu, ca. 1810 -- Ō-shibai hanei no zu = Great draw at the Kabuki theater / illus. by Utagawa Toyokuni III, 1859