University of Washington
Freshman Convocation, 1999-2007, 2009-2010; Honorary degrees, 2009; Ban Ki Moon Honorary Degree, 2009; Commencement programs 2001, 2010-2013; historical tassels; Commencement DVD 2012
Earlham College - Lilly Library
This is a photograph taken just after the processional during the 1966 Commencement Ceremonies for the Ramallah Friends Schools. In the picture is the Friends Girls School principle Annice Carter, the Friends Boys School principle Brightman, the Friends Boys School Dean Mr. Hindawi, and the guest speaker Emily Bisharat
Columbia University
This collection contains speeches, press, planning documents, honors and awards, programs, memorabilia, and recordings relating to the commencement ceremonies of Barnard Collge and Columia University. Speeches were given by prominent women leaders, writers, and activists including Toni Morrison, Eleanor Elliott, Francine du Plessix Gray, Lillian Hellman, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright as well as Barnard leaders including Presidents Ellen Futter, Millicent McIntosh, Jacquelyn Mattfeld, Judith Shapiro, Deborah Spar, and College Trustees Helene Kaplan and Anna Quindlen
University of Connecticut - Homer Babbidge Library
The collection includes files of the Commencement Committee from 1929 through 1971 with some gaps. Included in the collection are programs, tickets, correspondence, instructions to staff and graduates, notes and expenditures. In addition, there are files on the inaugurations of Presidents Works, McCracken, Jorgensen, Ferguson, and DiBiaggio containing similar materials
New York State Historical Documents
Commencement programs, 1890-1984; includes transcript report, "Commencements and Exhibitions, 1895-1906," and typescript of commencement addresses, 1912, 1933-1979
Ohio University - Alden Library
The collection on commencement ceremonies spans from 1821 to 2007 and documents Ohio University graduation ceremonies
Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Campus - John Vaughan Library
Contains various articles and documents on commencement ceremonies held at Northeastern State University over the years
Northeastern University - Archives and Special Collections Department
Records of the Northeastern University Commencement Committee document commencement ceremonies between 1912 and 2002. The first series documents eligible degree candidates and is restricted. The second series contains information about Northeastern University commencement ceremonies, including planning and publicity efforts, the students who were in the ceremonies, and the individuals who received honorary degrees and gave addresses. Included are scattered commencement addresses, particularly between 1945 and 1985. The third series documents scattered School of Law commencement ceremonies between 1977 and 2000. The fourth series contains material relating to the commencement ceremonies at the Huntington School, the Lincoln Institute, and Northeastern University evening divisions outside of Boston. A fifth series consists of commencement formularies for 1976-1989. The final series contains audio-visual material documenting scattered commencement ceremonies between 1965 and 1993. A set ... Read More
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
The collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, and related records concerning student behavior at the 1989 commencement, and ways of improving future ceremonies. Includes responses to surveys, letters from parents and other parties, reports concerning commencement practices at other institutions, planning documents, newspaper clipping, minutes of the Task Force, and other material. Material in the collection dates from 1989 to 1990
Davidson College - Archives & Special Collections
The collection contains materials related to Commencement ceremonies at Davidson College. The earliest original document is a printed copy of President Morrison's Inaugural address in 1838. Files contain materials issued by the college in conjunction with the ceremonies including invitations, programs, service bulletins, citations and copies of articles about commencement ceremonies