Wheaton College - Buswell Library
The CCCU collection at Wheaton College comprises an array of materials concerning the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in general, with particular focus on the various activities the organization has undertaken over the years to encourage the development of faculty and administrators (primarily through meetings, conferences, et cetera) or students (through the Council's various study programs). The collection contains items dating from the mid-70s up to the late 90s, though the vast majority of records relate to the period stretching from the early to middle 80s up into the early 90s. Much of the material can be classified as correspondence; among the many other types of documents included here are brochures, newsletters, formal papers, research reports, administrative and financial records, legal documents, and the occasional photograph. The archivist has imposed on the collection its current arrangement in an attempt to make the clearest possible topical distinctions. ... Read More
Ohio History Connection
Contains background material on the schools, descriptions of existing programs and plans for the future, statistics on students and faculty, financial data, and summaries
University of Wisconsin, Stout
Description: This artificial series is comprised of CORD annual and summary reports and the reports of Stout faculty who participated in the project. Research reports by Stout faculty addressed such subjects as child development instruction, counseling, home economics training needs, home management, work needs of prospective teachers, education and teaching, mathematics instruction, and english composition. Each publication in this series has been individually cataloged allowing author, title, and subject access to all publications
New York State Archives
These annual reports were submitted by higher education institutions chartered by the Board of Regents, including overseas schools -- They give information on students, faculty, finances, and facilities. Each report gives information concerning: length of session; names of officers and deans, number of faculty by academic rank and field, and number of other staff; students (number of men and women by major subject area and year); degrees conferred (number of men and women by subject area); library (number of volumes and circulation statistics); property values (grounds, buildings, furniture, equipment, library, museum and investments); receipts and expenditures; and miscellaneous (length of degree programs, number of students in summer courses)
Johns Hopkins University - Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Records consist of correspondence, committee minutes and reports, membership files and meeting materials, and general office files. The bulk of the records date from 1977-1982 -- Up through the 1940s much of the AAU work centered on accreditation of colleges and universities. This was discontinued in 1948 and subsequent topics studied by the AAU include federal aid to higher education, graduate and post-secondary education, international education, student financial aid, minorities, research libraries, and faculty status
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Typewritten, handwritten and mimeographed correspondence of the Committee on Classification of Colleges of the Association of American universities kept by Committee Chairman Kendric C. Babcock (1864-1932), Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (1913-31), relating to undergraduate enrollment and percentage of graduates pursuing further study, graduate enrollment, class size, curricula, faculty degrees and hours of instruction, salaries and resources and income. The Committee recommended modifications of the "Accepted List of Colleges" for approval by the Association. The List was originally prepared by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and approved by the Association. Membership in the Association was confined to institutions emphasizing graduate work (cf. letter to Olivet Colleges, 12.28.18). In 1918, there were 24 members of the Association and the "Accepted List" included 138 institutions.
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Copies of "State Universities in Illinois, a counseling handbook for students, parents and counselors" published by the Illinois Joint Council on Higher Education's Committee on Pre-College Counseling and containing information on educational opportunities, admission requirements, financial aids for twelve state-supported institutions of higher learning. Previous titles were "An Education at Illinois' State-Supported Universities" (1960-66) and "Higher Education at Illinois' State-Supported Universities" (1967).
Illinois State Archives
Record includes Board of Higher Education (1962-1970); Board of Regents (1967-1970); Illinois Junior College Board (1962-1968); and Board of Governors (1964-1967) minutes. Subjects include master plan progress; new curricula; interstate cooperation; educational and administrative reorganizations; enrollments; higher education legislation; construction projects; tuition and fees; scholarships; litigation; budgets; faculty salaries and hiring; junior college district organization; federal funding; veterans' education; university president selection; and admission policies
Illinois State Archives
Files include administrative records concerning colleges and universities for which the Superintendent served on the board of trustees. These institutions include Southern Illinois University; Eastern Illinois University; Northern Illinois University; University of Illinois; Western Illinois University; Illinois State University; Northeastern Illinois State University; and Chicago State College