University of North Texas Library
Faculty member in Department of Sociology at Brigham Young University, 1947-1981
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The collections include writings by eighteen members of the United States Army Infantry, fourteen members of the United States Army Air Corps, three in clerical divisions, two in the United States Army Signal Corps and others who served with military bands, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Women's Army Corps. Seventeen of the soldiers served within the United States, ten served in the European Theater, eight in the Mediterranean Theater and others in various parts of the world. Major themes include loneliness and longing, frustration with military bureaucracy, desire for promotion, the rigors of service, food, and events of daily life. Each soldier's papers form a separate series within the general collection
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Includes four volumes of autobiographical writings and two volumes of poems, essays, addresses, messages to his children, and other information. Autobiographical writings reflect his early life in Holladay, Utah, 1916-1934; work for the Civilian Conservation Corps in Utah, 1935; Latter-day Saint mission to New Zealand, 1936-1938; experiences as a student athlete at Brigham Young University, 1939, and the University of Utah, 1940-1943; service as a chaplain in World War II; experiences as a guard in the Salt Lake County Jail, 1958; participation in several BYU overseas tours, 1954-1984; faculty member for BYU Semester Abroad in Salzburg, Austria, and Grenoble, France, 1966, and in Paris, France, 1977; work as a teacher for NATO forces in Europe, 1970-1971; service as president of the Fiji Suva Mission, 1981-1984; and other activities
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Letters, written accounts, photographs, bound volumes, official papers, and clippings from participants who served with every branch of the armed services and in all major theaters of war, and from those who spent the war at home. Topics include war work, prisoners of war, conscientious objectors, medical care and the Red Cross, and participation by women at home and in uniform, including WASPs and WAVEs. Accounts also deal with Hiroshima, the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Nuremburg Trial, the War Crimes Commission, Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge, and the U.S.S. Indianapolis
US Army Heritage and Education Center
Contains the following type of materials: memoirs
University of Virginia
Guiney writes from Oxford about her life during 1914,1915, 1918, noting that the spirit of the public is admirable with self control and self sacrifice on all sides. The world will be a far more decent place without "Kaiserism." Glad to be in England during one of its greatest hours. All those she has known and loved are lost
University of Kansas - Kenneth Spencer Research Library
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse - Murphy Library
A bound collection of typescripts and handwritten manuscripts by La Crosse State Teachers College English 102 and English 108 students relating personal experiences during World War II
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Wabash County World War I Veterans Association, Madison County veterans tell their stories
US Army Heritage and Education Center
Contains the following types of materials: personnel documents, awards / certificates, clippings, newspapers, leaflets / brochures, diary / journal, photos (reproductions), ephemera