Archive of American Television
Founded in 1997, with its first interviews recorded in 1996, The Television Academy Foundation’s Archive of American Television consists of over 800 videotaped oral history interviews with the legends of television, including Milton Berle, Carol Burnett, Walter Cronkite, Norman Lear, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, and many others. Interviewees hail from professions across the television industry, from actors and writers to executives, editors, publicists, composers, and more. Major topics discussed in interviews include Advice to Aspiring Professionals, TV’s Golden Age, Censorship, and Technological Innovation, as well as important events in American and television history, such as the Hollywood Blacklist, the Quiz Show Scandals, 9/11, and the Kennedy Assassination. The Archive conducts up to twenty-five new interviews each year. The vast majority of the collection is available to the public through the Archive’s website (full versions) and YouTube (shorter clips).