Cornell University Libraries
1 vol.
Notebook containing photographs, sketches, maps, clippings, lists, and other documentation relating to the rededication of the Firemen's Monument, City Cemetery, originally erected in 1860. Compiled by Lyle and Mary Neigh.
Gloucester Archives
17 items. 1 volume
Sheets of plans and pamphlet of specifications for central Fire Department headquarters.
Gloucester Archives
8 items. 1 volume
Eight sheets of plans and a stapled booklet of specifications for Fire Department Magnolia Substation.
Seattle Municipal Archives
66.4 cubic ft. (166 boxes)
Records of positions held, promotions, disciplines taken, civil service investigations, and extracurricular activities on behalf of the Fire Dept. The records provide glimpses into the employees' personal lives, especially in the 1910s and 1920s, as the files include explanations for tardiness, communications with debtors, and reasons for resignations. Excuses for tardiness include waiting thirty-five minutes for a street car, mother did not wake him up, or slipping on car rail and straining back while about to board the car to come to work. One employee was written up in 1905, in part, for wearing the same clothes around the station as he wore cleaning the stables and "the men do not like to sleep in the same room with him." Some of the employees performed in musical groups for the Department, sometimes at no charge and other times at events organized to raise funds for the Fire Dept. The Department had a band and an orchestra at various times. The personnel files cover employees who ... Read More
Mystic Seaport Museum - G.W Blunt White Library
150 items. 5 v.
By-laws, tax lists, contracts, executive committee reports, treasurer's, collector's and chief engineer's reports, and other records. Includes names and property assessments of prominent maritime individuals such as Charles H. Mallory and Benjamin F. Hoxie.
Lawrence Public Library
114 linear ft.
Volumes called Statistics of Fires, including address of fire, alarms occupied, and number of residents, cause of fire, men on duty, apparatus responding, and other information; fire logs or daily journals of activities at each station, recording everything from absences to general repairs as well as fire calls; overtime ledger; time book for permanent staff keeping track of hours worked by permanent firemen; payroll books; membership ledger recording information about each fireman; and records of alarms, including type of alarm, time address, owner of and type of property, building material, cause of fire, apparatus responded, fire extinguished by, name of commander, and other facts.
Seattle Municipal Archives
15 cubic ft.
Central file, maintained by department administration, includes correspondence, reports, and equipment files. Topics include arson, civil defense, pension fund, fire prevention, fireboats, and emergency services.
Seattle Municipal Archives
5 cubic ft.
Certificates of title, inspection reports, correspondence regarding sales, specifications, and accident reports for trucks, wagons, and other fire apparatus. Includes reports of tests conducted prior to purchase.
Maine Historical Society
2 v.
Account books (v. 1: 1896, 1902, 1904; v. 2: 1912) entitled Tax Assessors List and Valuation Book and Tax Record, with names of residents, descriptions of properties owned, value of buildings, total value of real estate, and amount of tax (state, county, and town). Marbled covers with leather spine.
Frankenmuth Historical Association
1 volume (32 pages)
Centennial history booklet. Includes advertising, photographs, history, bylaws, lists of officers, and other information.