Concord Public Library
Records include constitution and amendments, lists of members, and minutes of meetings
Louisiana State University - Special Collections
Invitation to the Centennial Anniversary Dinner
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Historical Society
Reports of fires in Minneapolis, including information on location, causes, extent of damages, names of property owners, amount of insurance coverage, and name of insurance company. The patrol was supported by various insurance companies in the city
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Record of policies 1 to 2031 for the Wilmington Fire Insurance Co. Columns set up across the page document when the insurance began, the number oof the insurance survey, the number of the policy, names of the insured, a description of the property, the amount insured, the rate, the premium, the length of the policy, and when it expired. The firm insured a variety of property, including private homes, whaling vessels, and salt peter owned by the Du Pont Co. that was stored at various places. Property owned by "negroes" and "mulattoes" was so noted. The back of the volume features a register of the assignments of policies kept from 1833 to 1835
New York State Historical Documents
Annual property return reports, requisition reports, and reports on receipt for transfer of property and on expenditures for oil
New York State Historical Documents
Minutes of Canajoharie volunteer firefighters' organizations
Illinois State Library - Gwendolyn Brooks Building
Although Firefighter Milton Neeley was not mentioned by name, the Cary Fire Protection District made significant policy changes at a meeting two weeks after Neeley's line of duty death in 1953