Washington State Historical Society
Primarily letters to Stimson describing the management of the Seattle Symphony and Seattle Symphony Society between 1907 and 1909 including many letters from Michael Kegrize, the conductor, and James W. Sayre, the business manager, along with a handful of letters from other people associated with the symphony. Many of the letters provide a behind the scenes view of the symphony's personality politics and in particular the conflict between Kegrize and Sayre
Gloucester Archives
Papers relating to celebrations in Gloucester, Mass -- Includes guests and contributors lists, fireworks contracts, copy of Gloucester Daily Times (5 July 1902), and many unusual penny postcards printed for replying to invitation; papers relating to a reception for a visit of U.S. auxiliary gunboat Gloucester; correspondence on organization of the Old Home Week 1902 celebration, price list for fireworks, and Partridge's "New National Songster," a newsletter of lyrics to songs; two 1873 Grand Army of the Republic petitions for a Decoration Day appropriation; printed invitation to reception for Hon. William E. Price, MP, Gloucestershire, England (1869); proclamation by the governor of Massachusetts concerning the centennial of the adoption of state constitution (1880); signatures of the invitation committee of 250th Anniversary celebration for engraver (1892); and undated paper concerning the Second Centennial Celebration
Maine Historical Society
Collection of information about the Tate House and the Tate family, including newspaper clippings, postcards, and notecards depicting the house, articles, pamphlets, and a newsletter ("House Gazette") -- Also includes correspondence (ALS) from Frances Peabody to Althea Noyes. The George Tate House in Stroudwater Village, Portland, Me., was built in 1754/1755, allegedly on a London townhouse design
Hightstown-East Windsor Historical Society
Postcards, collected by members of the Ely family, of various Hightstown, N.J., subjects, including Main Street, the First Baptist Church, Universalist Church, Peddie Lake and bridge, Peddie School, several houses, Decker's Dairy, and a non-local postcard "Votes for NJ Women in 1914.".
Freeport Historical Society
Freeport, Me., related postcards, collected by Freeport Historical Society -- Subjects include buildings, monuments, factories, trains, views, and street scenes
Maine Historical Society
Typescript about Burr Churchill Miller, sculptor, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., written by his son Reynolds Churchill Miller; correspondence, bills, ephemera, and other papers relating to the creation of Burr Miller's statue in Portland, Me., of Thomas Brackett Reed, speaker of U.S. House of Representatives; postcards of the statue; and information about the commission of a battleship trophy
Harmon Museum/Old Orchard Beach Historical Society
Photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, and publications, relating to aviation history in Old Orchard Beach, Me., which is well-known in the country's history of flight because of its beaches which provided the best airstrip in the U.S., at the time, and was the nearest departure point in the country for barnstormers to attempt mostly unsuccessful transatlantic flights -- Persons represented include Harry M. Jones who established a successful flying school and passenger carrying business and later became the first commissioner of aviation in Maine
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
Papers in this collection relate primarily to the academic and professional careers of Howard S. Miles, African American teacher and principal, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland -- Included are Miles's report cards (1914) and a receipt for fees paid as a student at Princess Anne Academy (1911), as well as his teaching certificate from the State of Maryland (1919). There is also a copy of the degree awarded to Miles' daughter, Portia F. Miles, from Princess Anne College (University of Maryland Eastern Shore Branch (1938). Additionally, there is a letter signed by Thomas H. Kiah, principal of the Academy; postcards depicting the campus; a copy of "A Record of Negro Progress and Accomplishment," a campaign booklet published by the Colored Republican Voters' League in support of Harry W. Nice for governor of Maryland (ca. 1938); and material relating to William H.T. Coulbourne and the Coulbourne and Jewett Seafood Packing Company
Frankenmuth Historical Association
Two humorous postcards including one showing the city name Saginaw, Mich., on a flag, and the other sent from her future husband Norman Koeppendoerfer
Boston Athenaeum
Personal and business correspondence of members of the Williams family, documenting travel (Europe, Egypt, China, Japan), the settling of estates, the family art collection, and family genealogy. The bulk of the letters are addressed to Mary Lewis Williams, ca. 1885-1909. Includes information on the donation of Japanese swords to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Collection is a continuation of Williams Family Papers (Robert Williams and his descendants), Mss. .L327