Ohio State University
Includes correspondence and mail art received by John M. Bennett 1974-2005; includes extensive materials from Al Ackerman, Gyorgy Kostritskii, Ficus Strangulensis, Ivan Arguelles, Jim Leftwich, and many others; also includes printouts of e-mail
Ohio State University
Includes a nearly comprehensive collection of John M. Bennett's publications through the year 1995, including books, serials, exhibition and mail art catalogs, audio recordings and other media materials, announcements, reviews of and by Bennett, ephemera, some manuscripts and correspondence, and many other materials. Also includes an effectively complete collection of Bennett's Luna Bisonte Prods imprints (including Lost and Found Times) from the early 1970's through 2000. The collection is a valuable resource for research into Bennett, and into the work of many other artists and writers, as well as the worlds of underground, small press, mail art, and alternative cultures for the years covered
University at Buffalo, State University of New York - Poetry Collection
Collection contains editorial and business records for Lost and Found Times magazine, 1975-2005, including manuscript submissions, correspondence, mail art, and production material for all 54 issues. The collection also contains personal poetry business records for John M. Bennett, including correspondence, manuscripts, electronic mail, and journals. The bulk of the collection is mail art.
The College at Brockport - Drake Memorial Library
Collection contains works created between 1979 and 1999 with the majority of materials from 1985 to 1989. It is comprised primarily of mail art magazines containing work by international poets, authors, editors, and artists mailed to Scott Dohring's magazine Foist. Mail art from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Uruguay, United Kingdon and United States is represented in the collection. Name and title entries were verified on WorldCat or in Geza Perneczky's 2003, two volume, over 600 page, Network Atlas: works and publications by the people of the first network. A historical atlas for the Post-Fluxus movements as mail art, visual poetry, copy art, stamp art & other relative trends with addresses, projects, publications & exhibition events
Ohio State University
Collection includes manuscripts of Ivan Argüelles' Madonna Septet and other works, 1997-2000; manuscripts and drafts for Chac Prostibulario by Argüelles and John M. Bennett, 1999; and email correspondence between Argüelles and Bennett regarding all of the material in this collection
Ohio State University
Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, files for editorial and book projects, photographs, drawings, sketchbooks and notebooks, family records and photographs, publications, books and serials, personal records and documents, and much other materical (family records and photographs from 1905 to 2000; Taylor's literary papers 1968 to 2000)
Brown University Library
Collection comprised of manuscripts for volumes of poetry written or compiled by Ernest M. Robson and a small component of related correspondence and printed ephemera
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Sound poem performance featuring texts by Michael Basinski and William R. Howe, performed by Michael Basinski, William R. Howe, Natasha Dwyer, Aaron Shomra, Michelle Citrin, Carra Stratton and Mike Kellerher. Followed by poetry performance by John M. Bennett
Ohio State University
Photocopy of a log, part typed and part hand-written by Bennett of publications by Bennett in the categories indicated in the subtitle. Original note on title page reads, "This section copied May 21, 1999.".


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