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The clock ; Thicker than water -- 2. The big fight ; Any old port -- 3. Why don't you keep your mouth shut ; Going bye bye -- 4. I can't get my hand out ; Busy budies -- 5. Quiet noise ; Their first mistake -- 6. Here's a dollar ; Below zero -- 7. Where were you born ; The Laurel and Hardy murder case -- 8. Oh Gastav ; Below zero -- 9. Mark my words ; Sons of the Desert -- 10. There's no such place ; Me and my pal -- 11. No education ; A chump at Oxford -- 12. A day of learning ; Pardon us -- 13. We're going now ; Perfect day
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Contents.-1. Towed in a hole (1933).-2. The private life of Oliver the Eighth (1934).-3. One good turn (1931).-4. Scram (1932).-5. The live ghost (1934).-6. The Laurel & Hardy murder case (1930).-7. Pardon us (1931).-8. Swiss miss (1938).-9. The fixer uppers (1935).-10. Brats (1930).-11. The private life of Oliver the Eighth (1934).-12. Men 'o war (1929).-13. Come clean (1931).-14. Twice two (1933).-15. Their first mistake (1932).-16. Beau Hunks (1931)
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Audio of short segments of various films from the 1930s and 1940s. Features excerpts of songs and dialogue by some of the era's film actors and actresses
Michigan State University Libraries - Main Library
Original motion picture soundtrack to Victor Herbert's operetta, with Laurel and Hardy
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Whilst in Paris, Stan and Ollie are persuaded to join the French Foreign Legion so that Ollie can forget his failed romance with their innkeeper's daughter Georgette. After being in the legion for as long as they can take it, they want to get out, which is not so easy. -- Back of container
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Survey of Laurel and Hardy's work through film clips of their movies
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph caption dated May 3, 1962 reads, "Comedians Stan Laurel (left) and Oliver Hardy are shown in scene from 'The Perfect Day.' They are in typical predicament, having just run their car into lobby of a theater.".


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