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Major Figures in American Music is the core unit of Oral History of American Music. The unit consists of interviews with approximately 320 composers, performers, and other significant musicians. Each interview covers a wide range of the subject's work and life experiences, and many subjects have been interviewed on more than one occasion, often over a number of years. In addition to interviews with the primary subjects, Major Figures in American Music also includes testimonies from secondary sources about Harry Lawrence Freeman, George Gershwin, Percy Grainger, Quincy Porter, and Arnold Schoenberg
University of California, San Diego
The collection is comprised largely of correspondence from and subject files about contemporary composers including John Adams, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Virgil Thomson, and Harrison Birtwistle. It also contains art work and other objects given to Freeman by several of the composers she befriended, including David Hockney, Mark Bulwinkle, Joe Brainard, and John Cage. The collection also contains photographs by Freeman of composers and of musical events in New York City during 1986 and 1987
Harvard University - Harvard University Archives
Panel Discussion with Erick Hawkins, Elizabeth Kendall, Rika Burnham, Amy Greenfield, Remy Charlip, Pauline Oliveros
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Boston Conservatory - Albert Alphin Library
La musique (Felicia Chen, soprano) / Carter -- Quatrains (Felicia Chen, soprano ; David Angelo, Sophie Kass, clarinet) / Babbitt -- Quintet for horn and strings (Dillon Robb, Marie Camuzzo, violin ; Carly Scena, viola ; Nathaniel Taylor, cello ; Emily Crompton, French horn) / Schuller -- Vowels (Felicia Chen, soprano ; Sophie Kass, clarinet) / Jared Redmond -- In double light (Sophie Kass, bass clarinet ; Ashley Frith, viola, Jeremiah Cossa, piano ; Daniel DeSimone, percussion) / Lee Hyla -- Treatise, realised for solo dance and bass trombone (C. Neil Parsons, bass trombone and dance) / Cornelius Cardew, arr. by Parsons -- Thirteen changes / Oliveros
The Juilliard School - Lila Acheson Wallace Library
Disc 1. Pre-concert forum: with John Adams, Gabriela Lena Frank, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie San Martin, Morton Subotnick, Pamela Z ; moderated by Joel Sachs. Disc 2. Chromatic canon : for two pianos (1980/83) / James Tenney (Henry Kramer, Sun-A Park, pianos) -- Sonata : for clarinet solo (1933) / John Cage (Asuka Yamamoto, clarinet) -- Interior range : ("The mind has mountains") (2003) / Elinor Armer (Adelle-Akiko Kearns, cello) ; In memoriam Nathan Schwartz (2002) / Andrew Imbrie -- Tres homenajes : compadrazgo (2007). Scherzo par Sipán (nimble) ; Adagio para amantani (con emoción quieta) ; T'inku (con poder) / Gabriela Lena Frank (Ross Snyder, Xian Meng, violins ; Megan Mason, viola ; Kimberly Patterson, cello ; Liza Stepanova, piano) -- Church car (1980) / Charles Amirkhanian (Frankie J. Alvarez, Kelsey Kurz, reciters ; C. Amirkhanian and A. Gnazzo, vocalists in the recorded tape portion) -- In two worlds (1987) : for alto saxophone and interactive computer / Morton Subotnick ... Read More
New York Public Library
Reel 1. [Skin, a collaboration.] / Pauline Oliveros interview -- Reel 2. [TechnOrigin.] / Natural disaster
New York Public Library
[Introduction / John Clauser & Joseph Franklin] -- Paramel VI [1981] (8:09) / Stephen Montague -- In C (1964) (25:55) / Terry Riley -- The well [1983] (16:21) / Pauline Oliveros -- Coming together (1972) (19:35) / Frederick Rzewski


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