Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Jon Garner, an Illinois native, discusses his service as an officer in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War -- Garner speaks of attending college on a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship, entering the Marine program of the ROTC, and participating in a number of military classes and summer activities. He reflects on the lack of anti-war sentiment at Northwestern University (Illinois). Garner details Marine Corps officer candidate school in Quantico (Virginia), his commission as a second lieutenant in 1968, and six months of basic training at Quantico. He touches on his brother, who was killed in action in Vietnam, and Garner states he took a sole-surviving-son deferment that resulted in an assignment to Barstow (California). He lists other servicemen he knew who were killed. Garner describes his family's feelings about his service and states that having a daughter made him reluctant to volunteer for service overseas. Sent to Vietnam in late 1969, he says he never saw ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Sound recordings (approximately 233 LPs and EPs, and approximately 404 45s) collected by Jon Savage reflecting research for his book "England's Dreaming: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond." Collection also includes the original manuscript for the book
State Library of Queensland
Series of photographs documenting the construction of the Mango Hill Railway Station on the Redcliffe Peninsula Line and surrounding infrastructure, as well as photographs of construction at the Murrumba Downs Railway Station and Freshwater Creek Road railway bridge in Mango Hill. The collection also includes video footage of the arrival of the first train at the Mango Hill Railway Station
Saint Louis Art Museum - Richardson Memorial Library
The library continues to add material to its files, including articles, biographies, bibliographies, photographs, reviews, small catalogs, invitations, and correspondence
New York University Libraries
The documents in this collection are the research files of Jon Weiner, who wrote The Nation article "Women's History on Trial", September 7, 1985. Aside from a few press clippings 1984-86, all the documents in this collection are legal records of the EEOC v. Sears case from 1985-1986, when the controversy between historians Rosalind Rosenberg and Alice Kessler-Harris came to the fore of the trial
John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Library
Assembled file includes clippings, photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, postcards, press releases, slides, resumes, reviews, exhibition ephemera
University of Virginia
The photograph depicts the exchange of the diploma and handshake at graduation. A statue of Thomas Jefferson is in the background