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Eight-frame comic strip. Lolly, a secretary, agrees to take dictation from her boss only if he promises not to chase her around the desk. He promises not to run after her, but says nothing about jogging
University of California, Berkeley
Photographs show general and detailed views of the Burlingame train depot (Calif.), relating to its restoration and conservation
Columbia University
Government executive
University of Maryland
Paper outlining Vial's definition of the three stages of intoxication -- This paper was prepared as part of Vial's initiation into Phi Mu, an engineering honor society
Illinois State Library - Gwendolyn Brooks Building
Pete DiPaolo; "The Road to Victory: A History of Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation in World War II" Volume II. "Prisoner of War Camp" by Pete DiPaolo
Fuller Theological Seminary - David Allan Hubbard Library
This is a small collection of articles, flyers, and printouts concerning the history and activities of the 24-7 Prayer Movement. 24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational prayer, missions, and justice movement that started with a single prayer room in 1999 and spread to one-third of the world's nations. The founder of 24-7 Prayer, Pete Greig, recounts its history in Red Moon Rising. The collection also includes information related to Campus America, which mobilizes students on campuses across North America to pray
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Maas-Wheeler Photographs include images of airplanes, plane wrecks, airfields, railroad trains, automobiles, log cabins, bridges, Alaskan animals and landscapes, fish traps in Valdez, caches, totems in Ketchikan, and mining activities and equipment throughout Alaska and Yukon Territory. These photographs depict Alaskans in their daily lives. In addition, there are many well-identified photographs of Pete Maas, Clarita Wheeler, and their friends and families in Valdez, including pictures of William A. Egan, the State of Alaska's first governor. The geographical range of the photographs covers most of Alaska, but the majority of the images are from the Valdez and Copper River regions