University of Wisconsin-Madison - Ebling Library
Yale University
Typescript, with extensive manuscript revisions, of an undated lecture written by A.G. Allan. The lecture, intended to be delivered at Purdue University, describes his experiences as an engineer during exploration for an unidentified Canadian transcontinental railroad line, Apr-Nov 1903. Allan discusses his assignment to a section south and west of Hudson Bay, relations with officials of the Hudson's Bay company, and his experiences in exploring this region by canoe and dogsled, with the assistance of H.S. Hancock, an engineer, and Ojibwa Indians. The text includes references to illustrations, which are not present. Allan briefly discusses abandonment of plans to build the railroad line following the company's failure to obtain a subsidy or charter
Western Illinois University
This collection includes clippings (often from Think magazine), copies of speeches, collection of witticisms, articles on management. Most speeches are undated
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
The collection includes materials related to simulation games Feldt developed and consulted on
Montana Historical Society Research Center - Archives and Photograph Archives
Two images of groups of miners employed at the Buffalo Mine in Centerville, Montana and one image of a group of people, three holding rifles, on the porch of a saloon in Walkerville, Montana
Cornell University Libraries
Tape and transcript of an interview with Allan G. Newhall, conducted by Laurie K. Todd, November 3, 1982
State Library of Victoria
Three commemorative and one farewell dinner programmes for staff of Allan & Co. Pty. Ltd. collected by employee Gladys Schleeb. The three commemorative programmes are for: George Sutherland (25 November 1941), Fred H. Allan (28 November 1942), and Francis A. G. Plummer (11 November 1944). The farewell programme is for Claude M. Wallis (23 September 1949). The last two programmes include several autographs from invited guests
University of Texas at Dallas - McDermott Library
Al Zakrzewski was a World War I aficionado mainly collecting the famous Sanke cards published by Willi Sanke. Next to his extensive postcard collection, he also was interested in rare aviation medals, ribbons, and decorations. In addition to collecting World War I materials, he was an active member of various World War I associations, and an editor for the Over the Front magazine. He was a recipient of the Thornton D. Hooper Award for Excellence for two of his articles