American Philosophical Society
These are letters written to Sollas primarily concerning British geology and paleontology. There are mostly one or two letters per author, and there is one letter from Sollas.
University of Kansas - Kenneth Spencer Research Library
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of typewritten correspondence to and from William W. Abbot concerning university affairs, John D. Wade, and the creation of The Georgia Review. Two letters, signed E. Merton Coulter, regard Abbot’s son, Bill. The collection also includes five postcards depicting Marshallville, Georgia
State Library of South Australia
Papers of William Patrick Auld, surveyor, explorer and vigneron, comprising letters from Richard Thelwell Maurice, drafts of papers and lists of specimens collected by Maurice and plan of route of his 1901 expedition, diaries, including diary written by W.P. Auld on Northern Territory Survey Expedition 1864-1865, list of Aboriginal words compiled by William Hoare, letters to Auld's parents, newspaper cuttings kept by Auld, sketch by Spencer John Skipper and sketch by Stephen King junior
New York Public Library
William Henry Ireland, English writer and literary forger. · To Mr. Perkins, Esq. : 1 autograph letter signed : 15 Nov 1834 : (MISC 0204) : [no place]; begins, "If you would oblige me by an order for Two any Day most convenient the ensuing week, you will greatly oblige me.".
New York Public Library
William Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) was a British author. Collection consists of letters to Charles Hanson Towne and others serving as Maugham's literary or dramatic agents in America, concerning prices, royalties, film rights, choices of actresses for roles in his works, advice to aspiring authors, travels in Central America, and other subjects.
State Historical Society of Iowa - Libraries and Special Collections
The note on War Department stationary dated March 18, 1875 appears to have once accompanied photographs of letters found in the possession of Lewis Powell (also used the name Payne) after he was arrested. Powell was tried and executed for his role in the Lincoln's assassination. Belknap notes that the original letters found on Powell were used by the prosecutors of the trial. The second letter, written to Samuel Kirkwood by Belknap in 1889 boasts about Crocker's Iowa Brigade. Belknap invites Kirkwood to attend the annual Civil War reunion in Des Moines in 1891, assuming they both live that long (Belknap died in 1890). Belknap also mentions working on getting the Role of Honor appropriation passed in Congress
South Carolina Historical Society
Civil War letter attributed to Corporal Luyster to "My soldier friend". Luyster writes from "Pulaski House Georgia" concerning his regiment's role on a raid up the May and Savannah rivers into the South Carolina countryside to destroy a salt work factory. He describes the salt works as being at "Stony's Plantation" near Bluffton, S.C., and writes of the fighting against Confederate forces in detail. In Bluffton, Luyten's regiment took two cannons aboard their gunboat, as well as "lots of" looted furniture, including a piano, a melodeon, and sofas
University of Maryland - Archives and Manuscripts
This collection consists of letters written by William W. W. Wood, pioneer of the steam navy, thirty-five year naval veteran, and resident of Washington, DC, to A. L. Taveau, the overseer of Wood's farm "Jutland," located in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Wood discusses purchases he has made for the farm, fertilizing, marketing, transportation problems, crops, machinery, agricultural pests, and Taveau's impending resignation. Wood also describes his dealings with dishonest businessmen, his plans to travel to "Jutland," and various family matters.