University of Houston
When UH's Center for Public History and the University Libraries collaborated to create the Houston History Archives (UH-HHA), part of their mission included a repository for oral histories that tell stories of the growth and development of the Gulf Coast region from multiple points of view. To that end, the Houston Oral History Project in the Center for Public History trains history graduate students to research and interview Houstonians with recollections of the city's civil rights, women's, cultural, political, or medical past. In furtherance of the mission, the UH Oral History Project entered into a collaboration with the City of Houston that will bring to the UH repository interviews of one hundred of Houston's leaders from all walks of life. Another large collection headed for the repository is the Offshore Energy Oral History Project, a collaboration among several UH professors and other universities to document the growth of the oil refining industry along the Gulf Coast ... Read More
Archives of Michigan
Record group 82-111 consists of 14 audio cassettes recorded during 1974-75 as part of the Bicentennial oral history project. The History Division of the Michigan Dept. of State conducted 14 interviews as part of this country's 200th anniversary. The first interviews focused on the commercial fishing industry of Michigan and reminiscences range from 1920's-1970's (Vercil Bugg, Floyd Deming, Henry Engelhard, Vaino Erkilla, Myrtle Lang, Robert Masse, Tom Peterson, Amanda and Bernard Rimpela, Otto Schmidt, William Vavdrevil, Marian Wiita, William Wiita). Tom Towle was interviewed on the state's manufacturing interests. Towe, a graduate of Yale University (1920), worked for the Wright Brothers in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, where he specialized in stress analysis. Other jobs included the Glen L. Martin Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the Stout Metal Airplane Company in Detroit, and the Ford Motor Company where he helped to design the Tri-motor Airplane. Towe finished his career as Chief ... Read More
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
Topics discussed in the interviews include family and local history, ethnic identity, social life, and customs of Mexican Americans in Roswell, N.M.
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The project consists of thirteen oral history interviews from eleven different people living in New Mexico's East-Central Caprock region. All interviews were conducted by Craig Newbill during the summer of 1992, except for Bernice and Pete Newbill who were initially interviewed in November of 1988, and subsequently in February and August of 1990, respectively. Pete and Bernice Newbill are the only interviewees who were interviewed twice. The collection contains twelve ninety minute audio cassettes, with verbatim transcripts of each interview
Senator John Heinz History Center
This collection contains transcripts and audio-tapes of the ALCOA Oral History Project. The project, which was conducted between 1998 and summer 1999 by oral history consultant Alex Bennett, was a collaborative effort between the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania and ALCOA. The interviews record recollections and personal perspectives from 26 former and current employees on a number of aspects on the company history: research and development; market research and advertising; manufacturing, labor, work, the community, and government and environmental issues. A particular emphasis is on the transitional period in the company history during the late 1980s and 1990s. There have been designated three series for this collection: one series for project files, one series for transcripts, and one series for audio-cassette tapes. The project files, which are arranged alphabetically, contain correspondence with individual interviewees, notes, manuscripts of the transcriptions with ... Read More
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
The collection comprises 35 trans-inclusive zines gathered and distributed by the Transgender Oral History Project beginning in 2012, along with an informational folder for the project. The zines date from 1992-2013 or are undated. The majority feature single-issues, in only a few instances are there duplicate copies of an issue. Topics include the politics of patriarchy, sexuality, being queer; gender issues; developmental issues for adolescents and youths identifying as queer or trans; transitioning; instruction for children and allies, including use of pronouns; and the history of the Transgender Oral History Project
Minnesota Historical Society
Interviews with members of the Khmer community in Minnesota about their experiences in Cambodia under the leadership of the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979, their experiences in refugee camps, and their emigration to the United States. INTERVIEWEES: Monoram Hang, Chemreun Tan, Sova Niev, Samphoun Em, Sok Yorm, Phorm Phuong, Choup Lat, Seng Prom, Y Nor, Lar Munstock, Loeung Bun, Channy Som, Yoeuth Yan, Henry Nelson, Khon Kong, Thaly Chhour
University of Maryland
These interviews were conducted in conjunction with the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Greenbelt, Maryland. A list of the interviews and cassette tapes and transcripts are available
State Library of Queensland
Interviews regarding the history of the Australian Forest History Society
University of California, Berkeley
Incomplete typed transcripts of interviews conducted by John Larson of the Forest History Society with Casimir J. Wood, president; J.W. Lilly, resident manager; and William McCarthy, mechanic