University of Virginia
The records consist of the constitution, organizational meeting minutes, correspondence, mailing list, material from the organizational meeting and 1978 workshop conference, and printed material from other oral history groups
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Transcripts of oral history interviews with persons connected with forestry and the forest industry, conducted by members of the Forest History Foundation, later the Forest History Society, St. Paul, Minn
Chicago History Museum
Project documents and 27 oral history transcripts from the Chicago Cold War Oral History Project conducted by the Chicago History Museum in 2012
Western Washington University - Heritage Resources
The Waterfront Oral History Project records consist of interviews and related materials generated through a 2006 oral history project involving students at Western Washington University -- Records date from 1926 up to the completion of the project in 2006. The collection contains interviews with current and former employees of the Georgia-Pacific Corporation's (GP) pulp mill in Bellingham, Washington (formerly owned and operated by the Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Company). Interviewees discuss topics including the history of the mill site, plant operations and equipment, job descriptions, research projects, technological innovations within the pulping industry, as well as a wide variety of mill operations. The oral histories also document relations between GP management, its employees, and the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers union, as well as the relationship between the mill, the surrounding community, and Western Washington University. Interview files and student ... Read More
University of Virginia
Additional records of the Virginia Oral History Association consisting of index cards with member names, applications for membership, conference-workshop registration forms, and letters to Charles E. Moran, Chairman, Steering Committee, VOHA, Manuscripts Department, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville
Forest History Society
The collection includes over 250 interviews conducted with individuals important to the history of North American forests and forestry. Persons interviewed include chiefs of the U.S. Forest Service, employees of other government agencies charged with land management, officers of forest products companies, conservationists, and forestry educators. Many of these interviewees began their careers before the turn of the 20th century; their first-hand accounts of momentous events and critical policy changes provide often detailed historical insight that goes beyond what is recorded in traditional written records. Subjects discussed in the oral history interviews broadly pertain to the history of human interaction with the forested environment. Many people interviewed by the Society in the 1940s and 1950s were veterans of the forest products industry whose first-hand accounts of momentous events document critical policy changes that occurred within the industry in the late-nineteenth and ... Read More
Minnesota Historical Society
Collection of interviews, created by Hand in Hand Productions, capturing the lives and experiences of long time residents of St. Paul, Minnesota's Rondo community, an urban neighborhood situated near the city's downtown commercial district. A mixed neighborhood with respect to ethnicity and income, it has been home to a significant African American population since the early 1900s and was a particularly vibrant community in the 1930s. The neighborhood was essentially devastated by the construction of Interstate Highway 94 through its center in the 1960s. Many of its African American inhabitants, businesses, churches, fraternal orders, and social clubs were displaced into more segregated locales where they faced discrimination in housing and other areas. Subjects discussed by the interviewees include life in the Rondo community, including the role of music, church, and social clubs; resistance and reaction to the highway construction; eviction from Rondo Avenue and trying to find ... Read More
Stanford University
The interviews in this collection are case studies of policies pursued by UCSF and Stanford University medical schools to increase racial and ethnic diversity, from the 1960s to the 2000s. Nancy M. Rockafellar was the interviewer and editor of the finished transcripts. Professors and administrators interviewed from Stanford Medical School are Roy Maffly, Bernard Nelson, Leon Rosenberg, and Fernando Mendoza. Professors and administrators from UCSF include Julius R. Krevans, Philip R. Lee, John A. Watson, and John S. Wellington
Minnesota Historical Society
These 74 interviews were conducted as part of the Minnesota Historical Society's Mexican-American History Project. This project collected the historical resources of this ethnic group and includes personal papers, records of organizations, photographs and other material
Minnesota Historical Society
Indonesian Minnesotans speak about their experiences coming to Minnesota. The narrators discuss their personal stories of living in Indonesia and Minnesota. The interviews also touch on a wide range of topics from food, to immigration, and culture