Minnesota Historical Society
Seven interviews with men and women whose family stories at Lake Adney date back to the 1940s and continue into the present. Topics discussed include community life on the lake, purchasing property, building and renovating cabins, outdoor recreation, intergenerational experiences at the lake, race in northern Minnesota, reflections on cabin culture, as well as family and personal backgrounds
Chicago History Museum
Project documents and 27 oral history transcripts from I Was There: The 1968 Democratic National Convention Oral History Project conducted by the Chicago History Museum in 2008
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Libraries
Collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by the Milwaukee LGBT History Project with members of Milwaukee's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. The collection includes cassette tapes and interview transcripts. Interviewees describe their coming out experiences, the gay liberation movement in Milwaukee, early LGBT organizations, the impact of feminism on LGBT politics, and LGBT social activities
Minnesota Historical Society
Malaysian Minnesotans speak about their experiences coming to Minnesota. The narrators discuss their personal stories of living in Malaysia and Minnesota. The interviews also touch on a wide range of topics from community, to education, and race
New York State Historical Documents
Oral history tapes of interviews conducted with retired Chinese laundry workers, restaurant workers, and individuals from other occupations. Most of the interviewees are men who worked in this country in the 1920s to 1940s. A few of the workers are women. Interviews discuss their life in China prior to immigrating to the United States, their initial journey from China to this country, their visions of America, how they survived, and their present lives
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Oral history projects, 1973-1993, by Central Michigan University (CMU) students in History 110 (American Experience) and 221 (Growing Up In America). The style and depth of research varies with each paper. Most of the papers document life in Mich. or of Mich. natives growing up, serving in World War II, or surviving the Depression. Some of the papers cover the experiences of people living in other states and countries and the experiences of emigrants to Mich
University of Virginia
A discussion by Barbara Vandegrift on copyright problems is included
University of California, Los Angeles - Ethnomusicology Archive
Sound and video recordings, papers, and photographs related to the Italian Oral History Institute, including materials from Luisa Del Guidice and Edward Tuttle
University of Utah - J. Willard Marriott Library
A collection of 26 tapes with transcriptions completed through the American West Center, University of Utah in 1974, as a means of documenting the history relating to the Golden Spike National Historic Site, mainly Promontory Village and Promontory Stations
State Library of Queensland
Collection of interviews regarding the Surat Aboriginal Family