University of Massachusetts
This unusual collection of over 250 volumes is a product of the Frasers' interest in Swedish book jacket design. Consisting nearly entirely of soft cover volumes printed between the 1920s and 1960s, primarily pre-war, and not necessarily written by Swedish authors, the collection reflects the work of many illustrators drawing on a range of graphic styles, from avant garde modernism to the later parts of the collection, which includes translations of popular works by writers such as Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie
Grolier Club
The images and book jackets in boxes 1 and 2 of this collection were compiled by Ferrara during research for a book on the history of the book jacket, which was never published. The research was done in New York and London (Bodleian Library and Victoria and Albert Museum). Some of the slide images were taken by Ferrara, while others were taken either by the holding institution or the designers themselves and given to Ferrara. The book jackets were collected by Ferrara. The thumb drive included in this collection contains digital versions of the articles and research materials also provided as hard copies by Ferrara. Some digital files have been duplicated and converted from .pages format to .zip and .pdf formats to ensure access. Original files formats have also been kept. The book jackets and books in box 3 were all art directed by Ferrara, with some also featuring her design and typography
University of Virginia
The collection contains mock-ups of book jackets for various books by Auchinloss, a photograph of the author, three postcards from Auchincloss to collector Charles Miller, a letter from Nan A. Talese to Adele Auchincloss concerning cover artwork, and a corrected holograph manuscript, "The Mavericks," probably from "Powers of Attorney.".
Columbia University
Philip Grushkin (1921-1998) was a book designer, educator, and art director. He is best known for his book design work for publishers such as Alfred A. Knopf, Random House, Abbeville, and Harry N. Abrams, where he also worked as Art Director and Vice President. The collection includes material related to his design work and a collection of book jackets by George Salter
Bowling Green State University
Book jacket manuscripts for twenty books
St. Lawrence University - Owen D. Young Library
The collection consists of galley proofs for books of poetry by various authors (Frances Frost, Howard Griffin, Alfred Noyes, Edith Sitwell and Stephen Spender). Also included are a large number of book jackets from various authors bokks of poetry, inventory list of books that were in the Benét library, and correspondence between St. Lawrence University, Yale University Library, Gramercy Book Shop, (NY) and Marjorie Flack Benét
New York Public Library
Book cover and dust jacket designs created by Alex Gotfryd, the Doubleday art director, including proofs of designs (some scaled to size), and numerous graphics and photographic prints with detailed graphic design directions and internal correspondence (memos and notes) between the Doubleday staff on specific projects drawn on or attached to the work. Numerous author portraits by Gotfryd included. Also, a few print resources (articles and news magazines) that contained information about the authors
Grolier Club
A collection of dust jackets compiled by Grolier Club Librarians
Grolier Club
Vol. 1. 1910-1912 -- v. 2. 1912-1917 -- v. 3. 1917-1919 -- v. 4. 1919-1920 -- v. 5. 1919-1920 + 1916 and misc


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