University of Connecticut - Homer Babbidge Library
[Episode 1] Graphic designer, illustrator, and writer, Carolyn Falwell talks about her early career in graphic design and how she got into children's books. She also talks about her techniques in design and illustration. [Episode 2] Gary Wait, librarian and book collecter talks specifically about 19th century children's textbook author, Peter Parley (pen name for Samuel Goodrich) and in general about children's book authors in the Hartford Area during the same period. [Episode 3] Rocco Verilli talks about how books influenced him to go into medicine. He and his wife Barbara discuss about their interest in Alice in Wonderland editions. [Episode 4]. Billie Levy talks about the history of dustjackets
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Collection of book jackets with illustrations by Arthur Rackham from books published in the 1920's and 1930's
University of Connecticut - Homer Babbidge Library
Columbia University
This set consists of 4 pencil on tracing paper, 2 stats, 1 blueprint on paper, and 1 watercolor on tracing paper
Texas A&M University - Cushing Memorial Library and Archives
University of Connecticut - Homer Babbidge Library
Billie Levy discusses dust jackets for children's books from their beginnings in 1844 to the present, and how they evolved from just practical covers to keep dirt off books, only later becoming an art form in their own right. Levy shows examples of book covers by Howard Pyle, Normand L. Chartier and others
Milwaukee Public Library
Pen and ink watercolor painting used for the book jacket of Elizabeth Corbett's book The Richer Harvest published by Lippincott, 1952


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