University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Title pages 1-3 -- Performance description (1-6) -- The Referee (A-B) -- The recording of the tapes (1A, 2A, 3A)
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
New York University Libraries
Alysa Hornick is a bibliographer and library professional based in New York City. Hornick was a minor figure in the goth club scene, primarily between 1999 and 2002, including stints as a go-go dancer and model. This collection consists of flyers, postcards, and other ephemera documenting the nightclubbing scene in New York City during the mid- and late-1990s and early 2000s, with particular emphasis on the club Mother and its events, such as Jackie 60. The ephemera in this collection mainly advertises parties, concerts, and other events at the underground-performance oriented clubs, as well as “goth” clubs, documenting the weekly themes and the larger social context of club culture in New York City. Figures such as Chi Chi Valenti, Johnny Dynell, dancer and choreographer Richard Move, and fashion designer Kitty Boots are prominently featured in the materials
New York Public Library
Cassette 1. [Cue] #72 -- Cassette 2. [Cues] 100L ; 71R -- Cassette 3. [Cue] 105 Twitter -- Cassette 4. [Cue] -- G-horn 108 -- Cassette 5. [Cue] 125A Tone
American Institute of Physics - Niels Bohr Library and Archives
Concentrates on oil-drop experiment. Family background and early education; undergraduate at Brigham Young University (physics); graduate at University of Chicago, Robert Millikan and Albert A. Michelson as physicists and teachers. Extensive coverage of the work and relationship with Millikan on the "oil-drop" technique with two versions of the nature of the collaboration presented by Vern Knudsen, one from Millikan's autobiography and Fletcher's own account. Work on modification of Stokes' law and Brownian motion. Impact of electric charge measurement. Teaching at Brigham Young 1911-1916; acoustics work at Western Electric Co.(later Bell Labs) on the determination of the critical bands of hearing; dynamics of the cochlea; development of stereophonic sound. Role in formation of Acoustical Society of America. Interests in electronic reproduction of musical tones. Successful effort to develop a school of engineering at Brigham Young. Discussion of Millikan's Nobel Prize, comments by ... Read More
National Library of Australia
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Libraries
Collection provides documentation of most of the Yannay catalog, as well as some musical events and series with which Yannay was involved, such as the Music From Almost Yesterday concert series. The documentation takes a variety of forms and usually includes scores and parts, but also often recordings, ephemera, props, and promotional material. Material dates from 1956 to 2006
Getty Research Institute
Materials comprise recordings of David Tudor's Sea Tails panel discusion held in conjunction with the exhibition "SEA TAILS: A Video Collaboration.".
National Library of Australia
Material in the Australian performing arts programs and ephemera (PROMPT) collection consists of programs and related items for Australian performing arts organisations, Australian artists performing overseas, professional productions performed in Australia (including those featuring overseas performers) and overseas performances of Australian plays, music, etc


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