Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
This is a rich collection of praise-songs (related to epic), work songs, dance music, bala music, women's songs, excerpts from an initiation ceremony, fisher's songs, tales, and interviews with musicians and others, giving ethnographic and historic background to the music
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
This collection features Homer Lovell performing traditional and popular music, including square dance tunes, ragtime, waltzes, polkas, marches, hornpipes, patriotic songs and hymns
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
pt. 1. Opening. A. Doyle Moore. Boil them cabbage down -- pt. 2. Leverett Brothers. The foggy mountain top; I saw the light; Ho, brother!; Life's railway to heaven; [Autobiographical narrative]; Old time religion; The meeting in the air -- pt. 3. Martin and Bogen. The old hen cackle; Fiddle blues; Dear hearts and gentle people; Traveling on; M-O-T-H-E-R; Corinna; Rose of San Antone; Paper doll; Litte Liza Jane; I had a dream, dear; Old Man Mose is dead
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Mandolin contest -- Fiddle bands -- Solo folksinging eliminations -- Harmonica eliminations -- Old time banjo eliminations -- Senior fiddle eliminations -- Buckdancing eliminations -- Junior fiddlers -- Bluegrass banjo eliminations -- Group folksinging eliminations -- Finals for fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, fiddle band, solo folksinging, harmonica, old time banjo, senior fiddlers, jews harp, dobro, buckdancing, bluegrass banjo and group folksinging -- Grand championship play-off
State Library of Victoria
Two compact discs of musical recordings titled "Australian Made" and "Sonta Australiana". Music on "Australian Made" is Gran Sonata Australiana, En el Metro de Madrid, Landlord's Song, The shortest day on Earth and Australian Electronic Nature by Alberto Pérez. Luciano Berio and Matteo Carcassi have also contributed to this compact disc. "Sonata Australiana," is a solo guitar recording composed and performed by Alberto Pérez. The collection also includes an original music score "Gran Sonata Australian" by Alberto Pérez and a concert program, "Alberto Pérez performs a Concert for Guitar, Thursday, 5 July, 2008, Lake Kawana Commuity Centre.".
Maine Folklife Center,-- Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History
Audiotape, with brief catalog, from St. Andrews, N.B., of songs and guitar and accordian music
University of Akron - Bierce Library
Contains 2 white print copies with minor changes in colored pencil, undated; 1 white print copy with minor changes in colored pencil, ©1960; 1 blueline copy, ©1976; and 1 white print copy, ©1976


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