Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Seeking to reevaluate this function in preparation for an annual report, Visiting Agent Gardiner Tufts sent a questionnaire to a variety of parties involved in this process (e.g., judges, trial justices, lawyers) inquiring as to whether court attendance continued to be a useful mandate of the agency. Series consists of responses to the questionnaire as written letters giving opinions on the issue. Includes copy of the original Tufts printed letter
Illinois State Archives
Minutes concern budget appropriations, receipt of federal grants, dispersal of grant funds, Commission personnel, legislation concerning juveniles, Illinois Status Offender Service Project, volunteer resources, public education, legal advocacy, training consultation for youth programs, counseling programs, foster care, rehabilitation programs, delinquency services, local youth commissions, summer camps, alcoholism prevention and Big Brother/Big Sister programs
Washington State Library
This collection represents the work of the Committee on Statistics and the Public Relations Committee of the Washington Probation and Parole Association (now Washington Correctional Association) for 1950-1954. The collection also includes conference programs from Jun. 1948-Sept. 1968
New York State Archives
Minutes are in the form of original and carbon typescript hearing transcripts -- A committee investigating the problem of runaways at the institution took testimony from cottage supervisors concerning: necessary personality traits for good supervisors; methods of discipline and preventing runaways; punishing runaways; frequency with which inmates should be permitted to visit home; superiority of present over past conditions at the school; reasons for inmates running away; effectiveness of the "merit system" of rewarding good behavior with visits home or other activities; criteria for assigning inmates to colonies; and possibility of regular meetings of cottage supervisors to exchange ideas on treatment and discipline of inmates
New York State Archives
These are small amounts of unrelated archival material from several sources. They were gathered and retained by the New York State Library but remained unprocessed prior to transfer to the State Archives as state government records
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Bill Denny, former inmate at Fairbanks Youth Facility, talks about his incarceration, why did he did crimes, life at the Youth Facility, and drug problems then and now
Los Angeles Public Library
City Hearts Performing Arts troupe instructor John Pickett (background, facing camera) instructs inmates at L.A. Co. Juvenile Hall. County advises that names or identifiable pictures of inmates may not be used, so no inmate IDs have been given. Photograph dated September 26, 1988
Ball State University - Bracken Library
Provides an overview of the current state of overcrowding in juvenile detention facilities in the United States and the impact of crowding on staff, youth, and the community. Shows examples of strategies used by several jurisdictions to combat overcrowding. Features discussion by panelists and their responses to questions called in by viewers
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Videoconference examines the management and leadership needed in juvenile corrections and detention


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