Getty Research Institute
An ensemble of original works and printed matter documenting Brown's intent to build a useable study collection of avant-garde materials, dating from 1916-1995 (bulk 1960-1985). In-depth holdings by artists participating in Fluxus, happenings, concrete, sound and visual poetry, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, new music, and video and performance art underscore her range of interests. The collection's broad scope presents a comprehensive account of alternative movements, distribution networks and exhibition venues of the 1960s and 1970s
Getty Research Institute
An on-going collaborative project involving over 300 artists from more than 50 countries who are asked to recall a memory of a specific day. These memories are then recorded and transcribed impressionistically by Robin Crozier into a series of notebooks. A "memo(random) memo(ry)" index of contributors, 1983-1989, is included. With addenda through April, 1997
University of California, Berkeley
Includes, correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, mail art, notebooks and journals, books and catalogues regarding the Beats Generation, Beat Generation discography and research material
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
The materials include collections assembled by Vagrich Bakhchanyan (1938-2009), a prominent Soviet and, after emigration, American artist, writer, and poet, and his wife Irene. The Bakhchanyan collections consist of four parts. The first part includes 401 drawings of Joseph Stalin. This unique collection was conceived by Vagrich Bakhchanyan in 1979 in conjunction with the one-hundredth anniversary of Stalin's birth. During ensuing years, Bakhchanyan gathered several hundred original portrait drawings of the Soviet dictator by leading Russian and émigré artists, writers, and cultural figures, including the Nobel laureate poet Joseph Brodsky, the sculptor Ernst Neizvestnyi, painters Ilya Kabakov, Mikhail Shemiakin, and Mikhail Grobman, writers Sergei Dovlatov, Eduard Limonov, Alexander Genis, and Petr Vail, and numerous other personalities. Most drawings were created on the spot, on small pieces of paper, even napkins, in ink or pencil, during various parties and gatherings. This ... Read More
Museum of Modern Art
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Zines (Banana Rag, VILE), invitations, xerox and ink stamp artwork, artistamps. Date of primary source material ranges from 1972 to 1984
Ohio State University
Includes mail art, visual poetry, and related material mailed to Peter van Beveren of The Netherlands by Robin Crozier, Klaus Groh, Jerzy Trelinski, Birger Jesch, David Zack, Leonhard Frank Duch, Paulo Bruscky, Richard Olsen, Ken Saville, Michael Gibbs, The Impossibilists (Tom Cassidy), Chuck Stake, Peter Whitson Warren, Guillermo Diesler, and others
University of California, Santa Barbara - Davidson Library
Papers generated by Judith Ann Hoffberg, librarian, co-founder of the Arts Libraries Society of North America and founder of the artists' books journal Umbrella. The collection contains files related to artists' books exhibitions, organizations, travel, mail art, as well as biographical files. In addition, the collections contains artifacts, photographs, and a sizeable audiovisual component
University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery
Comprises records from the International Archives for Aerospace Art, which was based at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Files relate to aviation and contain correspondence, papers, artwork, and aerial photographs as well as artwork from a 1978 Mail Art Show.


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