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This collection consists primarily of the correspondence between American dancer-choreographer and company director Ruth Page and her first husband attorney Thomas Hart Fisher and composer Remi Gassmann, who was contracted to create the music score for Page's ballet Billy Sunday (1948). Other letters to Gassmann from this period and a small number of programs and press clippings related to Page's and Gassmann's careers round out the collection
Towson University - Albert S. Cook Library
Performances from Towson Ensemble Dancers of Towson State University, 1984-
University of Washington
Photographs of traditional and modern movements in Japanese dance, dance-drama, and "music-plays." Includes portraits of Miss Sumi Hanyagi (dancer, Tokyo), Miss Kakuko Mori (actress, Tokyo), Koshiro Matsumoto (actor, Tokyo and head of Fujima School of Dance), Minoru Kita (actor, Tokyo), Sai Sho-ki (dancer, Korea), and Jusuke Hanayagi (Head of Hanayagi School of Dance). Photographs also depict costumes, make-up, and stage settings
New York Public Library
The First Chamber Dance Company was a small touring dance company founded in New York City in 1961 by Charles Bennett. It moved to Seattle in 1974 where it was based until the group disbanded in 1979. The dancers were trained in ballet, but incorporated other styles of dance, performance, and choreography. The company also operated the Summer Dance Laboratory, a month-long teaching program. The First Chamber Dance Company collection contains photographs, programs, publicity, and brochures from 1971 to 1979. The photographs are mostly head shots and portraits (including group portraits), with a few from performances
New York Public Library
Photocopies of press releases, clippings, letters, prints and programs as well as Mills' writings and speeches about her work and 22 pages of color plates of her prints are bound with a spiral fastener
New York Public Library
The New School ChoreoConcerts were dance presentations designed to offer audiences a cross-section of modern dance approaches and styles. The New School ChoreoConcerts records hold flyers, programs, correspondence, and clippings documenting the events presentation in various venues


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