State Library of South Australia
Performance of "L'Ecran Human", held at the Scott Theatre, 6-10 March [1990]; directed by Paul St-Jean; sponsored by the National Film Board of Canada and five others; some text on poster is in French
University of Colorado, Boulder
Zineb Sedira was born in Paris of Algerian parents. She uses video and photography to explore making one's own identity. She talks about women as storytellers and bearers of history in Arabic cultures. Her work "Mother Tongue" has videos of her mother and daughter who communicate mostly with looks and touch. Design in mosaics, wallpaper, and fabric, is important in her work
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
"Once a popular art form for the mass, Cantonese opera has dwindled into a minority culture. In response to this, what will be the role of the upcoming Xiqu Centre? Apart from being a world-class performance venue, what can the Xiqu Centre do to preserve and promote this art form? Attempts such as organising performances for the rising stars, arranging members of Barwo to visit Hangzhou for exchange with Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, experimenting with "tea house theatre" etc. have been made to explore new directions for development in both hardware and software. Training new talents, expanding the audience base and bringing innovation without compromising the tradition are all pressing issues being examined by the old and new members of the industry.".
State Library of Western Australia
Short preview of skadada performance of Woof
University of Denver - Penrose Library
Video of Edith Altman's art exhibit exploring the swastika as a positive symbol used in many societies in an attempt to deconstruct the evil associated with the swastika as used in WWII. Altman, artist and Holocaust survivor, donated slides of her work to Ms. Lande for video taping. Interview of Altman included on tape
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
"The West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) has been a subject of controversy since its launch. Nevertheless, Hong Kong's cultural development has entered the "West Kowloon Era": Under the WKCD Effect, arts and cultural activities have bloomed and flourished. With art fairs, art shows at shopping malls and non-profit art activities galore, the public is getting more exposed to the arts, and their interest in contemporary art has also increased. Meanwhile, the WKCD project was officially launched last year. In the past six months, the yet-to-be-developed site began to bustle with noise and excitement as a number of large scale events took place, such as the Renaissance Music Festival, Clockenflap, Freespace Fest, the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre and the Mobile M+: Inflation! sculpture exhibition. Many people, for the first time, set foot on the site. Yet how much further does the public understand "arts and culture" as a result? Apart from these large scale, firework-like spectacles held ... Read More
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
An interview of Regina Vater conducted 2004 Feb. 23-25, by Cary Cordova, for the Archives of American Art, in her home in Austin, Tex
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
State Library of Western Australia
Impro-Lab is an open-ended investigation between musician Jim Denley, poet and vocalist Amanda Stewart, video artist Sam James and dancer Tess de Quincey, which specifically addresses interdisciplinary improvisation. Club Zho 70 was presented in association with PICA, who were responsible for bringing Impro-Lab to Perth


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