Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
State Library of Western Australia
Short preview of skadada performance of Buzz
State Library of Western Australia
Short preview of skadada performance of Wired
State Library of South Australia
14 March 2003, Nexus Cabaret, Lion Arts Centre, Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre
Rochester Institute of Technology - Wallace Memorial Library
Media Café Retrospective dvds contains a set of 18 projects created by students in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT. This particular series is taken from the Media Café Retrospective exhibition held in 2009
University of Colorado, Boulder
Fatma Charfi, a Tunisian artist now living in Switzerland, explains her life as an Arab woman in diaspora and answers questions about her art technique and themes. She has explored children's laughter and games, and the changing human condition. Her tiny creatures, named abroucs, illustrate resourcefulness and craftiness, and are often shown with war themes. Video techniques give them motion and they are incorporated into performance art
University of Denver - Penrose Library
Interview with Edith Altman, multi-media artist and Holocaust survivor, talks about her installation art entitled, "Reclaiming the symbol". The video explores Altman's work regarding the swastika as a symbol used in many societies as a positive symbol. The premise attempts to deconstruct the evil associated with the swastika as used in WWII
State Library of Western Australia
Impro-Lab is an open-ended investigation between musician Jim Denley, poet and vocalist Amanda Stewart, video artist Sam James and dancer Tess de Quincey, which specifically addresses interdisciplinary improvisation. Club Zho 70 was presented in association with PICA, who were responsible for bringing Impro-Lab to Perth
Ohio University - Alden Library
Trailer, slideshow and textual content describing SCALE, an interdisciplinary and interactive multimedia experience exploring the issues of scale, including molecular, global, astronomical and digital. The 7-part installation includes a 10 x 85 ft. drawing of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, an 11.5 ft. diameter telescope sculpture with incorporated digital images that demonstrate how a grain of sand can obscure 25,000 galaxies, a translucent digital curtain of one billion stars, a 3D animation of the earth, and a fiber-optic sculpture containing 45 billion atoms


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