Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists of 43 bars of tunes with accompanying lyrics. The first page features a fraktur style illustration and inscription to George Miller dated December 17, 1809. The back of the volume was used to record family geneological data and recipes for salves and other home remedies
State Library of Western Australia
State Library of Western Australia
This collection includes programs for recitals, orchestras and band performances from 1926 onwards
Cornell University Libraries
Autograph written on the paper cover of a volume of sheet music, as a souvenir of an occasion (probably a concert) on March 27, 1908, in Berlin. The sheet music used is Liszt's transcription for piano of the Paganini etudes
Boston Public Library - Special Collections
5 manuscript sketches by Brescia -- manuscript copy of Canti d' Estate : canzonetta napolitana / by Armando Gill (M. Festa) -- manuscript copy of Mi morena : tango / by D. Caribes -- manuscript copy of Habanera nell opera Carmen di G. Bizet arranged for piano -- 4 typescript copies of song texts mostly by Jesse G.M. Glick -- 1 photograph of an unidentified man and woman
Western Washington University - Heritage Resources
The collection consists of off-prints and photocopies of articles and other published contributions in the field of music history
Cornell University Libraries
This collection is comprised of radical song books, music sheets, periodical issues and broadsides spanning the period ca. 1850 to 1990, with primary emphasis on the period 1900-1940. It includes rare pieces (such as numerous early editions of the I.W.W. "Little Red Songbook") as well as ephemeral song-sheets and song-books. Periodicals represented in the collection include "Sing Out!", "Broadside: the Topical Song Magazine", and "Promenade," an influential leftist folk-dance mimeo. The collection is overwhelmingly comprised of American imprints (including several foreign-language works printed in America), but also includes some presentative British publications. The core of the collection was put together by musicologist Ronald D. Cohen, and formed the basis for his monograph, Work and Sing: A History of Occupational and Labor Union Songs in the United States (Oakland: 2010). Approximately 200 more items were added to this core to create the current collection
Augustana College - Thomas Tredway Library
A. Cyril Graham was an organist, instructor, and composer who served as Head of the Organ and Theoretical Departments at the Conservatory of Music at Augustana College from 1921 to 1932. The A. Cyril Graham papers, 1901-circa 1939, 1976 and undated, primarily includes published and unpublished sheet music for pieces composed by Graham, as well as material related to a 1976 musical program in his honor