University of Oregon
The collection contains original music manuscripts from early 20th-century composers, including William Rhys-Herbert, Fay Foster, James P. Dunn, Celius Dougherty, Victor Harris, and Deems Taylor
Harvard University - Loeb Music Library
The collection includes numerous printed and reproduced scores or excerpts from scores, many of them enlarged for teaching purposes, representing different styles of graphic notation. The collection also includes designs for the Philips Pavillon of the Brussels World Fair Expo '58. "The pavilion is a cluster of nine hyperbolic paraboloids in which music, Edgar Varèse's Poème électronique, was spatialized by sound projectionists using telephone dials. The speakers were set into the walls, which were coated in asbestos, creating a textured look to the walls. Varèse drew up a detailed spatialization scheme for the entire piece which made great use of the physical layout of the pavilion, especially the height of it. The asbestos hardened the walls which created a cavernous acoustic. As audiences entered and exited the building Xenakis's musique concrète composition Concret PH was heard"--Wikipedia
University of Toledo
Collection consists of sheet music and one audio taped student recital
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Includes autograph manuscript scores of Paine's musical compositions, especially organ works, many with his annotations and revisions. Compositions include choral works such as Birds of Aristophanes, St. Peter; an oratorio, Oedipus tyrannus of Sophocles, and his opera Azara. Orchestral and instrumental music include Mass in D and his Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 2, among many others. Also includes manuscripts in the hands of copyists and mimeographs
University of South Carolina
Consisting of handwritten and photocopied examples of White's anthems, cantatas, musical dramas, incidental music, and compositions for various instruments; newspaper articles re the premier performance of his "Missa Brevis" by the Converse College Chorus; and tape recordings featuring various presentations of his musical compositions, including recording, 13 May 1979, of memorial concert at the Church of the Ascension, New York
Yale University
The Henry Gilbert Papers contain sketches, manuscript scores, and published editions of Gilbert's musical compositions, including operas, orchestral music, chamber works, keyboard pieces, choral music, and songs. The Papers also hold music by other composers, most notably Gilbert's father, Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, and his uncle, James L. Gilbert. The correspondence includes letters to and from Gilbert and family members, composers, performers, and writers. Gilbert's life and work are further documented by: programs, clippings, and scrapbooks; writings by and about Gilbert; photographs; biographical materials; and miscellaneous items
Yale University
The Richard Donovan Papers contain sketches, manuscript scores, and published editions of Donovan's musical compositions, including orchestral works, chamber music, keyboard pieces, choral works, and songs. The correspondence includes letters to and from Donovan and composers, performers, publishers, and musical organizations. Donovan's life and work are further documented by: photographs; programs and newspaper clippings; lectures, exams, and other classroom materials; and miscellaneous items
Yale University
The letters date entirely from the period of Roussel's service during World War I and describe his work, conditions at the front, his reactions to battles including the siege of Verdun, and his impressions of soldiers and colleagues. They also contain much discussion of his own music, which he continued to compose during the war, and the music and activities of his contemporaries in the field
Yale University
The Hershy Kay Papers contain sketches, manuscript scores, and printed editions of Kay's musical compositions and arrangements, including ballets, orchestral works, and songs. The Papers also hold music by other composers, books, photographs, and posters
Yale University
The Charles Ives Papers contain the manuscript scores and sketches of Ives's musical works, including 4 symphonies, 3 violin sonatas, string quartets, piano sonatas, and other major compositions and smaller pieces. The Papers also hold Ives's collection of music by other composers and his writings on musical and political subjects. The correspondence contains letters to and from Ives and his family, business associates, and other musicians. Ives's life and work are further documented by: scrapbooks and diaries; photographs; programs; and articles and reviews


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