State Library of South Australia
Papers of Peter Jesser, former rock musician, collected while he was a member of the rock music groups Rashamra, Arthur's Thumb and Hard Rock Theatre, comprising part of a scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings, a photograph, hire forms, posters, programme, artwork, cue sheets and ticket
University of Texas Libraries
The Burton Wilson Collection, [ca. 1920-2000], contains photographs of musicians, primarily at Vulcan Gas Company and Armadillo World Headquarters -- Wilson's extensive personal collection of early jazz and blues records forms the bulk of the collection. Furthermore, the collection includes examples of Wilson's writings, such as his newsletter, which recounts his reminiscences and documents all aspects of his daily life and career. These newsletters often contain clippings and photographs
State Library of Queensland
The collection contains mainly recordings, posters, nine t-shirts and memorabilia from the featured bands. It also contains a demo-tape cover layout, and production materials for the Wedlock CD. The tee-shirts are examples of typical rock memorabilia of the genre
State Library of Queensland
Seventeen short films relating to the music scene in Brisbane
University of Texas Libraries
Composed of audiocassettes and transcripts of interviews, photographs, magazines, and his book, Psychedelic Psounds, the Allan Vorda Music History Collection, 1977-1993, chronicle musicians and groups from the 1960s
University of the Pacific - William Knox Holt Memorial Library
The collection consists of a few documents and concert posters that shed some light on Clark, his music, and his activities as a student at Callison College at the University of the Pacific. Callison emphasized non-Western philosophies and arts. Clark's student evaluations reveal not only his progress as a student, but also the types of programs (yoga, Zen, and Buddhist thought) that were part of the Callison College curriculum. The collection also includes a selective representation of music created and produced by Clark and the Stuart Little Band. The audiotapes include songs and performances of Stuart Little Band and solo work by Clark. The music reflects the psychedelic sound that was popular in rock music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Stuart Little Band and Clark somewhat demonstrate the life of a local band during a significant time in rock music
Cornell University Libraries
Material documenting the shows and operations of the Cornell Concert Commission mostly from 1971-1992, includes tour riders, posters, advertising material, and scrapbooks
Cornell University Libraries
The collection contains manuscripts, artwork, sound and video recordings, photographs, publications, and ephemera. Manuscripts include holographic notes from Lou Reed and Piero Heliczer, as well as several items in the hand of Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison, including a set list for a performance at Poor Richard's, in Chicago
State Library of Queensland
Oral history package with Carol Lloyd, with a focus on her life in music
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The collection consists of promotional concert posters and flyers designed by Clark Blomquist and commercial audio recordings of Clark Blomquist's musical projects. The posters and flyers chiefly advertise performances by the Kingsbury Manx, Waumiss, and other Chapel Hill, N.C., area bands, including Inspector 22, Schooner, Shallow Be Thy Name, Triple Ts, and others. Venues are primarily in the Chapel Hill area, but also include a few locations in and around Tampa, Fla., with one poster promoting a Kingsbury Manx show in New York City, N.Y.A few events were sponsored by Chapel Hill record label Odessa Records. The audio recordings are by the Kingsbury Manx, Waumiss, and Crankshaft


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