Cornell University Libraries
This collection contains digitized copies of Lindsay Cooper's musical scores, lyric sheets, sketches, manuscripts, and photographs. The collection also includes 30 years of live recordings, including unmastered versions of her many commercial albums and live recordings from all over the world with bands such as Henry Cow, The Feminist Improvising Group, The Film Music Orchestra, Comus, News From Babel and the Mike Westbrook Orchestra
State Library of Queensland
An invitation to the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship function at the State Library of Queensland. The invitation was signed by some attendees, including the State Librarian, Lea Giles-Peters
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Unidentified songs (items 1-2) (19:17) -- May may (8:10) ; Kan miyaa kaas miyaa (8:12) ; Minaa gacalkaaga geed layga saaree (8:55) / composer and lyricist, Suufi Cali Cusmaan (Suufi Cali Cusmaan, singer) -- Hakaba banaankee / composer, Sahal Macallin ; lyricist, Xassan Aadan Samatar (Xassan Aadan Samatar, singer) (7:05) -- Dhaayaha jacaylka / composer, Maxamoud Cabdillaahi Singuub ; lyricist, Axmed Cali Cigaal (Saynab Cige, Axmed Cali Cigaal, singers) (8:44)
Harvard University - Widener Library
Newspaper and magazine clippings on gay and lesbian music and musicians, originally compiled by Bengt Olson for use at the Bibliotek og Arkiv, Landsforeningen for bøsser og lesbiske forbundet af 1948. Bulk of materials from mid-1980s to late 1990s. Collection ordered chronologically by personal or organizational name, title, or topic. Primarily represents musicians active in the 20th century, but includes earlier names (e.g., Tchaikovsky). The collection is international in scope, though there is an emphasis on Danish musicians. Category list provided at the beginning of the 1st volume: cd's, groups, composers, concerts, musicians, opera, pianists, recordings, pop, rock n' roll, songs, singers. Includes concert programs and song lyrics from programs and sound recordings. Some materials xeroxed: sound recording covers and lyrics; liner notes, and articles. Includes 2 copies of the Sangbog for bøsser og lesbiske. Forbundet af 1948, landsforening for bøsser og lesbiske, February 1979. ... Read More
Smithsonian Institution Archives
Descriptive Entry This accession consists of the "Smithsonian's Rock 'n' Roll Website" as it existed on December 14, 2015. The website is a crowdsourcing project intended to collect concert photographs from the public, some of which will be used in a book to be published by Smithsonian Books. The website, which launched on December 1, 2015, includes information about the project, rules for submissions, and featured photographs. This accession does not include every submission available on the live website. Materials are in electronic format.
Indiana University - Archives of African American Music and Culture
The Phyl Garland Collection consists primarily of personal papers, including original typescripts for Garland's columns in Ebony and Stereo Review, and related research and photographs. Also included are 41 original audiocassette recordings of interviews conducted by Garland (except as noted) primarily with various African American musicians, artists, and filmmakers. Topics include African American composers and musicians as well as various genres of music including, but not limited to, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, classical, and blues. Record company publicity materials include publicity photos and press releases for over 900 artists.
Western Reserve Historical Society
The Cleveland Music Group was a nonprofit, member-supported organization whose mission was to promote and assist Cleveland, Ohio, musicians both locally and nationally. During the 1990s the group conducted periodic educational forums on topics related to the music business as well as a monthly songwriters workshop at Peabody's Down Under in the Flats. The 150-member group consisted of music industry insiders, sound engineers, journalists and photographers, agents and club owners, radio personalities and musicians. The collection consists of board minutes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, financial documents, lists, newsletters, ephemera (including event flyers and tickets), and press releases
New York Public Library
Side 1: What ever happened to old fashioned love -- Rock and roll lullabye -- I just can't help believing -- Hooked on a feeling -- (Hey won't you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song -- I'm so lonesome I could cry -- As long as we got each other -- Don't leave love (out there all alone) -- Midnight minute
New York Public Library
You go your way, I'll go mine -- Night scherzo -- Brown paper shoes -- Sidewalks -- Fathers & sons (Willy Loman) -- What if I told you I'm a ... -- Rock: Step (Fashion jingle) ; Shine ; Music forever ; Life is a movie ; Crazy way of living ; Once upon a time -- Mr. Music
National Library of Australia


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