Museum of Performance and Design
Country comfort -- 60 years on -- Border song -- Amoreena
La Salle University - Connelly Library
Side I. -- (1:37) -- (3:15) -- 2:37) -- 3:06) -- (2:17) -- (3:22) -- (2:49)
University of California, Santa Cruz
High-heel sneakers (4:15) -- Pain in my heart (2:59) -- Cold rain and snow (3:07) -- Beat it on down the line (3:13) -- Cream puff war (7:37) -- The same thing (9:50) -- He was a friend of mine (5:52) -- Smokestack lightning (9:30) -- I'm a king bee (5:30) -- In the midnight hour (18:22)
State Library of South Australia
A discussion between Mick Bower, Graham Longley and Brian Vaughton recorded at the home of Graham Longley about the Masters Apprentices musical group with which all participants were involved from 1965-1967. Graham Longley managed the band during this time; Mick Bower was the guitarist and band leader; and Brian Vaughton was the original drummer. The discussion was organised to support a donation by Graham Longley of business records and other material relating to his time with the band. The participants talk about the origins of the band as a high school garage band; change of line up when they called themselves the Mustangs; rehearsals; influences; how Graham became manager and his experiences managing the band. Participants explain their reasons for leaving the band and the Masters Apprentices' consequent relocation to Melbourne
State Library of South Australia
Poster for the "Shake, Rattle & Roll" show performed by Pulse band, "packed with the very best rock and roll from the 50s and 60s." Held at the Marion Cultural Centre (MCC), Friday 13 March [2015]. Includes a picture of the band, ticketing information, the MCC's website and email addresses, and the City of Marion's social media details
State Library of South Australia
Astor [album promotion poster]; artwork by Mida '68
State Library of South Australia
Friday 16 June 1967, Viscount Slim Hall, Whyalla; Y-Y Club '67; special guests The Masters Apprentices; sponsored by Coca Cola
New York Public Library
[No audio] (0:13) -- [Excerpt] Western [i.e. Westeron] wynde (1:20) (from the 1970 album The lady and the unicorn) / early 16th-cent. English song, arr. by J. Renbourn ; Opening remarks (2:49) (John Schaefer, host) -- The maids of Mitchelstown (2:18) (from the 1983 album The best of The Bothy Band) / trad. Irish reel, arr. by The Bothy Band -- [Excerpt] B.A.I. (2:16) (from the 1977 album Harpe Celtique) / set of 3 unidentified trad. Irish reels, arr. by An Triskell -- [Excerpt of Ys] (5:09) (from the 1971 album Renassiance de la harpe Celtique = Renaissance of the Celtic harp) / trad. Breton tune, arr. by A. Stivell -- Commentary ; Quick concert notes (4:53) (John Schaefer, host) -- The quiet joys of brotherhood [unreleased track recorded 1969 by Fairport Convention] (5:42) (from the 1985 box-set Who knows where the time goes?) (based on trad. Irish tune "My lagan love") / H. Harty-R. Fariña, lyr, arr. by S. Denny and Fairport Convention -- John Barleycorn (5:17) (from the 1970 ... Read More
New York Public Library
Promotional video for Rain -- Come together, a stage tribute to the music of the Beatles which features four lookalike musicians who perform the band's best known songs. Includes clips from the show, and brief testimonials from audience members. The Broadway production of the show opened on Oct. 26, 2010, and closed on July 31, 2011


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