Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
Boston Conservatory - Albert Alphin Library
State Library of Queensland
A musical history of the television show 'Teen Beat' , featuring 'The Planets' along with many other performers
University of California, Santa Cruz
New York University Libraries
Venez les filles -- Horizon -- Emmene-moi -- Ton jouet -- Au moins huit jours -- Johnny, rappelle-toi -- John, c'est l'amour -- Judy, rappelle-toi -- Candide -- Tu n'aimes que moi -- Bonus: Venez les filles (version mono) ; Sherry ; Mon copain ; Derniers baisers ; Tout le monde twist ; Dis-lui que je l'aime ; Je voudrais trouver ; Allons, reviens danser ; Quelle nouvelle
New York Public Library
Cassette contains music demo for the rock opera Troilus and Cressida [aka Cressida], considered by New York Shakespeare Festival but not produced
New York Public Library
Rock and roll music (1:32) -- She's a woman (2:46) -- If I needed someone (2:24) -- Day tripper (3:03) -- Baby's in black (2:23) -- -I feel fine (2:13) -- Yesterday (2:02) -- I wanna be your man (2:10) -- Nowhere man (2:10) -- Paperback writer (2:06) -- I'm down (2:08)
Museum of Performance and Design
Starts with chating -- 21:21 poem reading -- 27:58 live band jam -- 28:35 back to chanting (sounds like Quicksilver and Janis Joplin doing the chanting -- 34:28 live band jam
Museum of Performance and Design
The Charlatans were an influential psychedelic rock band that played a pivotal role in the development of the San Francisco music scene in the 1960s and are often cited as being the first group to play in the style that became known as the San Francisco


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