Chemical Heritage Foundation - Othmer Library of Chemical History
In 1972 Brodsky entered Radcliffe, her mother's alma mater, where she majored in biochemical sciences. Although she cultivated an interest in medicine in deference to her parents, she eventually faced the reality that "I fundamentally was interested in the principle, but not the practice of medicine." Through the biochemistry mentoring program of the Boston-based universities, Brodsky was able to work for three summers in Paul D. Gottlieb's laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Still planning on medical school, Brodsky applied to M.D. Ph. D. programs but instead earned a Marshall Fellowship to study at Oxford University. There she worked in Walter F. Bodmer's laboratory, where she began her research on monoclonal antibodies
Chemical Heritage Foundation - Othmer Library of Chemical History
Erin M. Schuman was born in San Gabriel, California, though spent most of her childhood in Huntington Beach, the oldest of three siblings; her mother was a teacher at a Catholic school. She was a "serial hobbyist' with interests in painting, softball, dancing, and reading and she attended Catholic schools from the time she was a teenager
Chemical Heritage Foundation - Othmer Library of Chemical History
Susan J. Birren spent time in New York and Washington, D.C., though grew up mostly in Kentfield, California, just north of San Francisco. Academics came easily and she had a clear interest in science and mathematics throughout her early schooling; a female chemistry teacher in high school, with a master’s degree, proved somewhat influential. Birren applied to two schools only for college and undertook her undergraduate career at the University of California, Berkeley. Initially interested in studying mathematics, she decided to switch to biochemistry for her major and had the opportunity to work with Edward E. Penhoet, who later became one of the founders of Chiron Corporation. She worked on isolating opsins from a halobacterium, a high-salt bacterium, but, more importantly, she fell in love with lab life and lab culture and benefitted from being mentored by Penhoet. From Berkeley she moved on to the University of California, Los Angeles working with Harvey R. Hirschman on the ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley - Bancroft Library
The Samuel J. and Portia Bell Hume Papers, 1848-1990, contain the professional and personal papers of Samuel J. Hume, theatrical entrepreneur, and Portia Bell Hume, psychiatrist. Included in Samuel J. Hume's papers are writings, speeches, theater memorabilia, correspondence, and papers related to his work with the Council on Oriental Relations. Portia Bell Hume's papers include her writings, work for the California Department of Mental Hygiene (1943-1972), teaching files, other professional work, and personal ephemera.
New-York Historical Society
Materials related to the nursing career of Georgeanna (or Georgiana) Woolsey Bacon: hymn books, letters from Dorothea Dix, military pass, telegram, instructions for the floating hospital service, official approval to become a nurse, advertising cards, paper collar from nurse's uniform, certificate approving Georgeanna Woolsey to enter the nursing program at Old New York Hospital, nurse's notebook, nurse's manual, cartes de visite with photographic prints of Georgeanna Woolsey and her sister, and promotional photographic prints of U.S. Sanitary Commission locations
Salmon Brook Historical Society
Papers involving a boundary dispute, notes payable, estate settlements, farming, wagon sales, and other subjects; newspaper clippings, including some on women in medicine; and pencil sketches by some Holcomb children -- Family members represented include Nahum Holcomb, Jonathan Holcomb, Sereno Holcomb, Harlow Holcomb, and Reuben Holcomb
Filson Historical Society
This set of scrapbooks contains newspaper clippings, programs, and journals related to the activities of the Women's Auxiliary to the Kentucky State Medical Association. Raising health awareness, the women organized fundraisers and health lectures in Kentucky. All volumes (I: 1934-35; II: 1935-36; III: 1936-37; IV: 1937) include materials documenting the annual meetings of the Kentucky Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the Southern Medical Association. They also contain issues of the Kentucky Medical Journal. Yearly special topics include the erection of the Jane Todd Crawford memorial in 1935 and the 1937 Ohio River flood
University of California, Berkeley
Interviews with women documenting their roles in the fields of health service, maternal and child care, family planning, and marriage counseling. Photographs inserted. V.1: Martha May Eliot; v.2: Emily H. Mudd; v.3: Loraine L. Campbell; v.4: Florence Clothier; v.5: Louise G. Hutchins; v.6: Adaline P. Satterthwaite; v.7: Julia Tsuei; v.8: Frances H. Ferguson; v.9: Mary S. Calderone; v.10: Mrs. Alan F. Guttmacher (primarily re her husband); v.11: Elizabeth Arnold; v.12: information sheets, outlining contents of interviews, terms of use, etc
Harvard University - Countway Library of Medicine
The records of the Office of the Dean are a product of the administrative activities of the Dean of Harvard Medical School (HMS), primarily in the years 1963 to 1978, as under the tenure of Dean Robert Higgins Ebert (1914-1996). Record types consist of correspondence, meeting minutes and agenda, memoranda, reports, proposals, committee records, and a smaller number of handwritten notes, receipts, article reprints, press releases, photographs, flyers, programs, newspaper clippings and other printed material -- Administrators and faculty at HMS who were particularly involved in Dean Ebert's administration and whose work is well-documented in these records include F. Sargent Cheever, David D. Potter, former Dean George Packer Berry, Henry Coe Meadow, Jack R. Ewalt, Harold Amos, Don W. Fawcett, Harvard University President Derek C. Bok, Harvard University President Nathan M. Pusey, and Leon Eisenberg. These materials do not contain extensive records pertaining to the development of the ... Read More
Harvard University - Countway Library of Medicine
Principally consists of clinical research records originating from Study 8850 of the Pediatric Oncology Group (Ewing's Sarcoma) dating from 1990-1996, including: study coordinator reports; patient notes; patient report data; patient evaluation forms; and study protocol. Also contains copies of annual reports, newsletters, and periodicals that highlight Tarbell's achievements, as well as miscellaneous patient correspondence, presentation slides, and ephemera dating 1984-2008


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