University of Illinois at Chicago - Special Collections and University Archives
This collection documents the administration, financing, and programming of American Women Composers Midwest, Inc. from its founding meeting in 1982 to 2001. Also included are a small number of documents from 1977-1982 relating to the parent national organization. Materials include correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, incorporation papers, financial records, brochures, press releases, concert programs, published reviews, grant materials, membership lists, and mailing lists. The collection also includes an archive of biographical material, musical scores, and audio recordings of performances
Columbia University
323 reel-to-reel tapes of performances by the Columbia University Orchestra and Composeres String Quartet. Nearly all of the reels are 7" 1.5 mil acetate (1200 feet)
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
The archives contains materials documenting the cessation of Modern music, correspondence, financial and budget documents, fundraising and promotional materials, clippings, committee meeting minutes, photographs and artwork, stage and costume designs, contemporary concert and festival programs, scrapbooks (preserved on microfilm), publications of the League, and writings by Minna Lederman Daniel. Correspondence includes originals of letters sent to Modern music by George Antheil, Alban Berg, Theodore Chanler, Aaron Copland, Henry and Sidney Cowell, David Ewen, Frederick Jacobi, Lincoln Kirstein, Walter Piston, Paul Rosenfeld, Lazare Saminsky, Arnold Schoenberg, Harold Shapero, and Virgil Thomson. Contributors to Modern music include Alban Berg, Bertolt Brecht, AndreĢ Breton, Aaron Copland, Henry and Sidney Cowell, Edwin Denby, Lincoln Kirstein, Pablo Picasso, Walter Piston, Paul Rosenfeld, Harold Shapero, and Virgil Thomson. Noteworthy original works of art in this collection include ... Read More
University of Texas Libraries
The collection comprises the correspondence and music of state composers, including classical, popular, band and folk music
Ball State University - Bracken Library
Assisted by Geoffrey McGillen, piano and harpsichord.; This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Music
New York Public Library
The collection consists of correspondence, legal and financial statements, administrative files and clippings with the majority falling under correspondence -- The Writings series contain notes regarding NAACC events and meetings. The Publicity materials contain photographs and clippings regarding NAACC performances and events. Also included are wood block and silver medal prints, featuring such subjects as the logo of NAACC, awards and a notary seal, as well as Inez Hadley's picture, Henry Hadley's signature and his pictures. The Oversized materials consist of floor plans, such as those of Waldorf-Astoria hotel rooms used for the organization's social events, and music scores by Noel Goemanne, Elliot Griffis, Henry Hadley and Bruce Levine
Old Dominion University - Special Collections
The Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) Collection was donated to the Diehn Composers Room in 2001 following the refereed Region III Conference on January 20. The collection is not complete because some of the scores were unavailable after the performance. The conference was co-sponsored by the Old Dominion University Libraries -- In 2003, the collection was used as basis for soliciting other works by the composers whose pieces were selected at the SCI Conference. These solicited works were performed at the new music concert entitled, "A Representation of the New Music Performance Collection.".
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The New Mexico Composers Archive contains original and published music manuscripts, as well as programs and sound recordings of performances. Also included are articles and newspaper clippings, photographs, typed and handwritten notes, and correspondence, as well as documents used by organizations in the New Mexico music and arts community. Significant contributors include Joseph W. Grant, Elliott Higgins, Scott Lakin Jones, Ramon Noble, William E. Rhoads, Alan Stringer, Isabelle Weimer and Scott Wilkinson, and Michael Mauldin
New York State Historical Documents
Collection of sheet music by American composers including Thomas A. Beckett, Irving Berlin, William Bradbury, Benjamin Carr, Dan Emmett, Stephen Foster, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Ned Harrigan, Charles K. Harris, Victor Herbert, Al Jolson, Lewis Lambert, James Gates Percival, William Tossiter, John Phillip Sousa, Hattie Starr, Leslie Stuart, James Thornton, George James Webb, Septimus Winner (Alice Hawthorne), and Henry C. Work